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Dear best friend,

I really fucked up

Multiple times

And I know you're giving me another chance


Even though I don't feel like I deserve one

So let me try this again

This letter thing

I didn't want to lose you

And I thought the best way to do that was to avoid triggering anything, ever

And I thought I was doing that

But now I realize that all I was doing was building up pressure in myself

Pressure that was unnecessary

And I guess it exploded

And I really fucked up

This much you already know, though

You've proven to me


That you are a far better person than I am

Far better than I ever could dream of being, honestly

And I am so blessed to have you in my life

To adventure with and laugh with and cry with and be with

If you'll still have me

We've still got concerts to go to

And celebrities to meet

And adventures to go on

Long drives and picnics and amusement parks and maybe even a few surprises along the way

I love you

I know that doesn't sound right

Right now

But I mean it

Whether it sounds right or not

And I will mean it with all of my heart for the rest of time

Even in the moments it may not sound right

You're right

I was wrong

And I know that

And I'm working on it

No one means more to me than you do

And I'm going to make it right

I'm going to try to

Because we're worth it

You're worth it

You always have been

EliseBeeYT Mar 31, 2015

Sometimes, the scary conversations

That you build up in your head

Get said.

And sometimes,

They work out.

EliseBeeYT Mar 31, 2015

This is just an experiment in poetry kind of based off of a prompt from the Weekly Writing Challenge- specifically, week #2. I realize I'm a little late, but I came across the...

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EliseBeeYT Feb 19, 2015

"Hello. It's lovely to see you."

"Oh, hi! I- It's nice to see you too."

Feet shuffle; shy smiles are shot at each other.

"Well, should we...?"

They enter the doors of the restaurant,...

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EliseBeeYT Jan 01, 2014

I think at least part of the reason I'm afraid of the future is because I'm afraid of fire.

Everyone always says, "Follow your passions! Do what you're passionate about!" but what...

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They pull her close and whisper in her ear, 

"You are worthless. You are weak. You are alone.

This pain? It will never go away. You deserve this.

No one likes you anyway. They judge...

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You're going to go so far
And succeed in ways you wouldn't believe.
But sometimes I wish that, in order to get there...
You didn't have to leave.


Facebook tells me that you're online.

I leave the tab open while I work...just in case.


The Tiny Story, as editted by wirrow, says

"The angel embraced him gently

As he broke free from the demon's clenching claws"

I was thinking...what if the demon had a stereotypically...

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EliseBeeYT Jul 27, 2013

Sometimes my friends invite me to go places, and I don't go. It's not that I don't like hanging out with them, because I do. It's just that sometimes I...get scared? Let...

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I'm really insecure about my body. Like, I hate my stomach and my legs and my arms and even my face. I don't like how my massive thighs make my feet look really small, or how...

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We're not even going on a date. It's just coffee.

But look at me. I'm sitting here, painting my nails for you. I've had my outfit planned out since yesterday and I'm painting my...

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EliseBeeYT Jul 07, 2013

For some reason, passion in my mind has become something to be made fun of. I don't know why this is, and I wish it didn't happen, but now I'm afraid of showing passion for theatre...

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