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I listened to this beat and loved it and tried to write something about how personal my room is to me. Hope you like it. Peace.


I will load up the footage separately but my computer has some weird headphone/mic port so I had to plug my rode mic into my camera hence the video. Hope you like :)

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As requested by Missamerica here is the audio for welcome to my room verses.

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I re recorded this because i wasnt happy with the first one i uploaded it seemed really more angry than sad. Ive been working on this for months and ive finally recorded it. Feedback is appretiated as always.

Lyrics below.

I self medicate in an attempt to forget you.

The pains still as raw as before, I should have left you.

I did everything i coud in this world to impress you.

Maybe I did too much and managed only to pest you.

I wish I could undress you,

Reel you in, feel your skin

Kiss you, love you and caress yous.

But I cant so Ill fight the urge to text you

Saying I remeber the first time i met you

I block those memories with pills from this test tube

So much history shared I thought youd always care

But when i see you here and there I get this fucking blank stare

Im tearing out my hair, broken hearted oh yeah

It aint like ive got a spare this is more than i can bare.

Im trying to move on but the path seems long,

I thought my pain was unique but everyone sings the same song

This is wrong in my arms is where you belong

I feel helpless as fuck but im trying to stay strong.

Following idiot advice seeking therepy in flesh.

Not one of them is you though so i still feel bereft.

I, Love, You and with words thats hard to express.

I said i was in expressive but im trying my best

I wake in anothers arms with your face on my mind

I speek to my friends they say all you need is time

go redefine yourself and go and get your head right

Stop mopping in your room and step back into the light

The world outside is bright but my heart is dark

without you my life seems barron empty and stark

Its like berevement as if youd gone and died that night

but your still alive loving life looking fucking out of sight

and it hurts and to go and make matters worse

your walking the streets while our love lies in a herse

Its a curse

I can look but not touch see you and not hold you

you made me feel so alive now i wish that id have told you

I miss the way we kissed like it was the first time

you friends seemed pissed, you never seemed to mind

Then one day you did, the day the passion died

Millie Wilkie the only girl to make me cry

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Heya guys just a little request video, I pretty much say it all in the video. I hope people can get behind this and get as enthusiastic as I am!!!!!!!! ( excalamtion marks = entusiasm) I will upload the short story as well soon:)
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I loved Ryan Patrick's beat and the idea of rapping about dinosaurs so here it is :) I cant sing so id love it if someone could re do the chorus. If anyones interested ill upload my vocals only track. Keep creating! :)

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same song just better synched

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