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Alright so I didn't know what to get for my mother and I woke up on Saturday morning with these words in my head... so I wrote them down.. then decided to make a video for it.. This is all I could do in one day.. maybe this inspires someone else too..

There were so many childhood videos from everyone that it was so hard to choose one... but I really liked the old feel of this one... The original idea of this video was 5 minutes long... I decided to end the video though when I stopped talking..

So text is by me Dreamseller.

and that is also my voice :)

All the rest is you guys!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone.

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by Dreamseller ago
by Dreamseller ago

once upon a time i went into the woods.

as i stumbled across a wolf my female insticts kicked in.

i listened to him and went another route

that's when i finally got to grandmothers house.

she was eaten by a wolf and so was I

but that doesn't matter because a huntsman came by.

he saved our lifes and the wolf wasn't fed.

thank god for males or the world would be dead.

The word choice in the story portrays men as strong and active while the women are shown as weak and passive.

After writing my paragraph i re read it and realized that i especially liked this sentence. I really think this sentence could be used for the book. you can check out my entire post on feminism in LRRH here