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by MarieIv

thank you everyone for contributions for the collaboration - excellent work on the designing Mademoiselle Noir's world :)


*download for the better quality


Hey all!! Been a while since I jumped in the record pool. Sorry who knows where the time goes.

This is something I shot with a buddy when we found this abandon school. I have more footage but just wanted to throw this together to see what ya thought. We're gonna go back and do something a little more thought out soon. Would love for someone to write and story, or give any ideas where to take a narritave. 

I love this charcter! 

Miss all of you Recorders!!

Much love from the Clown world.

P.s for some reason when I uploaded it. It cut the frame. It should be wider! 

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This is the version that played at Sundance 2012

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EDIT// I thought this could fit the theme of outsiders! :)


I have always loved sojushots' amazing illustration "let down your hair", and now it inspired me to write this song. It's a bit darker than the original story of rapunzel, just like the illustration. The same story, different ending! :))

I would love love love loove it if someone would add some accordian or strings to this song, you know, to build it up bigger, and then maybe in the final verses also some drums..... it would be awesome...... ;)


Here are the lyrics:

A man came across this old tower one day It was straight like from a book he once read He lifted his head up and saw this young lady And here's what the lady said:

CHORUS "Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir Et comme vous pouvez le voir Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit"*

The man was so scared he could only run away He ran to the town and then said: "I just saw a lady with the longest dark hair And I think she's a living dead!"

The people, so scared, took their guns and their swords They ran to the tower and then They saw the pale lady and felt a great fear When they heard how she said it again:


The people, they knew what this all was about She was clearly a demon from hell They decided to set her long hair on fire In the end it would burn her as well

But the lady was no demon she was a lonely soul Just like in that book they once read Still waiting for her prince while her hair was on fire The one last time she said:



(*"Me, my name is miss Black And like you can see I don't smile or laugh or live" And that's all she said.)

Enjoy <3

//CHORDS were requested:


C#m, B, E
C#m, B, G#


C#m, G#m/B, Amaj7
C#m, B/D#, A, B
E, G#, A
A, B
C#, G#, C#, G#
C#, G#, C# 


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Kelly re-recorded her vocals, so i got to do some better work on the mix this time.

it's still rough in places, but this is pretty much the set base layer now.

Hope you like.

Let me know what you think of it <3

we need some extra instruments on this ASAP specifically HORNS, PERCUSSION, and ORGAN/KEYS

please refer to the BEAT 714 REQUEST VID for further info on what/how you can contribute

and use my INSTRUMENTAL MIX as a base layer for RECording your contribution 

and add it to the BEAT 714 COLLAB 

*please upload your part isolated as a WAV file*


neighborhood of F minor with a tempo of 93bpm

the main chord progression is based around a descending F minor pentatonic riff:

: F minor
C minor
A-flat (Major)
Fm - Cm :

there's a little turnaround that leads back to the main progression, which is in C minor throughout

the breakdown is all F (no major/minor)

here's the format according to the time duration of the track:

0:00 - 0:05 drum intro

0:05 - 0:15 main riff (1 time through)
0:15 - 0:55 verse 1

0:55 - 1:00 turnaround

1:00 - 1:21 chorus (2 times)

1:21 - 1:51 verse 2

1:51 - 1:56 turnaround

1:56 - 2:37 breakdown*

2:37 - 3:17 chorus (4 times)**

3:17 - 3:22 turnaround

3:22 - 3:52 chorus (4 times)

3:52 - 3:57 turnaround

3:57 - END (first measure of breakdown***)


*HORNS: solo here. start off nice and slow (think Miles Davis and how he emphasizes space between notes), and intensify as the guitar/bass play more.

**When the breakdown ends, continue soloing, and wrap it up by the time Kelly sings the "dust yourself off..." part

***be awesome if all instruments hit this together.

The deadline is very close. VERY VERY VERY close. So we don't have time to lollygag about, so please help us out and RECord your contribution and upload your stems asap

Thanks <3

Robo J

by Robo_J
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I certainly know what I was thinking when I painted this, but everyones reactions and stories seem so very different that I would be fascinated to see some tiny stories based on this---have at it!


truth time: this is actually just a partial shot of the whole image, I can upload the full thing if anyone would be interested in seeing it.

by tdolan
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i can't say enough about the beautiful photography that is posted on this site! its so beautiful and inspiring :) I first saw swaylooza's REmix which is incredible!! and ran with the idea! Thanks again to all the REsources!

by layla
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 Thanks for the resources everyone.

 eaneikciv & I Am 1954 on the track! 

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Players: eaneikciv & I Am 1954

Orchestration:  lyrictician

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Jelly Babies Characters.


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Initial concepts for the types of shadows Attilee mentions in her vid. I guess this is what we're sticking with? As @@ said in the her vid, it's all been mostly just ideas so far. The info written out in the sheet may not correspond with what's been written elsewhere... I've been sort of absent from HR (sorry @@ D: ) mostly due to school and life and wank wank and all that, so I don't think we ever got the opportunity to work out the details. Then again, we also don't want to go restricting your creativity too much. Open to ideas and all that! Also, ignore the inconsistent caps—each of these were made during seperate times for the most part.\

An additional class less relevant to the story:

And because I didn't explain what Gloom was in the Gloam description:

by Soupy
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Two rows of park benches at night.
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Sometimes you want to turn your back to the city, and just look the other way.
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