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I've been looking at the shadow beings/ shadow caste collaboration for quiet some time. I think it's a really good collaboration and i always wanted to contribute but i never really knew what to do. I'm mainly a write but everything i wrote wasn't good enough. until one day i came up with the idea to make a 3-D paper art picture or whatever you want to call it. so here it is :)

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once upon a time i went into the woods.

as i stumbled across a wolf my female insticts kicked in.

i listened to him and went another route

that's when i finally got to grandmothers...

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by Dreamseller Mar 29, 2012

The story Little Red Riding Hood has been told for decades now. Most people agree that the moral of the story is that you should not talk to strangers; but looking deeper into the...

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by Dreamseller Mar 21, 2012

The word choice in the story portrays men as strong and active while the women are shown as weak and passive.

After writing my paragraph i re read it and realized that i especially...

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by Dreamseller May 12, 2013