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by rewfoe
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I didn't know if the prom was at a school or a convention I kind of tried a blend of both! 

Layered file has cheezy prom poster separate and a background that's empty so you can put spotlights or something :D



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Cutaways added into the rough cut. Would be great if there are more suitable cutaways so that the video can be more visually interesting.

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Sometimes things happen, and make us feel lonely, and blue, whatever we do, but, there is always people who care about us, and give us their hearts, for us to feel better.

We have to go on.

Made with my friend Raidiane who will soon join Hitrecord.
by Rancita
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I'm actually really interested to see thoughts on this since its a somewhat controversial topic and I handle it in a relatively heavy handed manner (although not really espoucing any particular view). I just wanted to play with the idea of the dangerous or violent American that I hear about from those outside of the country (especially as a Texan..."Do you own a gun?" "How often do you go hunting" "Can you shoot from a horse?"...btw, no, never, and I WANT TO TRY!).

And NATURALLY another shout out to KWiz! Man is a beast.


Vox Stems:


I'm a…dangerous American, see me n I'm baring arms/ Clear the room before I lay the city out like Genghis Khan/ Speak a word, the heat is drawn, move and you can rest in peace/ I keep it by my side until my side causes the death of me/ A…dangerous Texan, wild n loose with a weapon/ It's not even a love now, call this an obsession/ I don't use it for aggression, I use it for my defenses/ But step to me, I'll exercise my 2nd amendment/

Meet me in the court room, I'll sit as a defendant/ See a gun'll make your witness disappear within an instant/ Won't...speak…a full….thought/ Cause God knows I'm avoiding getting caught up with a sentence/ Repentance may be best before you step to me/ I take a gun to kill your fucking country n then leave you as a refugee/ You testing me? I'm an American man/ I'll respond by killing you, ya friend, and the fucker next to me/

It's the revolution, found through executions/ I go hard…mother fucker I'm from Houston/ Gemme a fifth of whiskey, a gun n a couple clips/ And I'm tipsy killing everyone from here up to Poughkeepsie/ All I need's a moment and a little motivation/ Find you in an alley n then paint the fucking pavement/ I brought the chalk with me for the outline/ I'll make this an art class, you wanna die? Goddamnit its about time/

I'm…about mine, catch me in a sting/ Give a gun to a crazy man, see what it'll bring/ I'm talking 'Nam shit the way I find a target n then bomb it/ And make it all pay like it was fucking economics/ I'm a marks man, tiring but not retiring/ No way with gun fire any client here'll fire me/ But this is just for fun, shit I don't even own a gun/ I made this fucking rap up about it just for the irony/


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I was inspired by gaby’s beautiful mosaic to do something using twice as much portraits from the community. After spending way too much time on it, I finally came through with this. I wish I would’ve had the patience to use everyone’s portrait, but sadly it isn’t the case.

Textless version also available. Just ask for it. :)

(Please be patient, I have almost 600 records to resource so it might take a few days) Woohoo, all done!

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Replaced the original because I felt like the video sync was a little off. The full version of the video with effects can be found here:


If you have a preference between the cartooned vs. this regular version, let me know. I couldn't decide!


Performance version without the filters/effects available.


Song Stems:




Yo mama's a trick, I heard she's a trick/

Like she can flip a trick quicker that skaters can kick flips/

yo mama's bigger than earth, no she's bigger than space/

She's so ugly, ugliness couldn't even look at her face/

Yo mama embarrasses you & she embarrasses me/

Cause she's nearly a human which means that we're sharing some genes/

But God knows I'm talking science when I'm saying that ish/

She's so fat that she ain't fit in jeans since she was a teen/



Yo mama's nasty like the clap & she's dumber than broken door knobs/

She's so fat she needs the jaws of life just to take her shorts off/

But hell, that never happens cause that woman's so Hairy/

The Hendersons kicked her out and then chased her on down the clearing/

But seeing yo mama in person really explains you/

Cause dude, you look like the woman you came through/

She's so dumb she bought boots to climb up Mt. Dew/

And so fat everybody there thought she was a mountain too/


But yo mama ain't my mama…my mama's the best/

My mama raised me from a baby plus my mom's a success/

My mom inspires me to do the best in all that I do/

And best of all my mama had me, and she didn't have you/


Yo mama ugly like the devil on a million different levels/

And she stops on every floor every day just causing trouble/

She's so dumb she opened an oven just to get baked/

And so ugly that her mirrors all decided to break/

It's a…suicide, it's a suicide/

She's so ugly her reflection even chooses to die/

Yo mama's so fat it's impossible for her to be fly/

but if she was a raft on the Titanic, everybody'd survive/



I mean yo mama took the pepsi challenge and she chose Jiff/

I swear to God yo mamas just as dumb as it gets/

I mean she tried to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff/

And then wanted so seafood so she tried drowning a fish/



Yo mamas gigantic, I'm talking like the size of a planet/

The only one that'd ever kill her is the Death Star commander/

She eats so much that her whole mouth is just one giant cavity/

& so fat that she has her own center of gravity/

I mean like holy crap, man that woman's a wreck/

Want her to change? eh, I'm not really holding my breath/

Yo mama's so dumb there really isn't any saving her/

She went to Babies R Us & then asked um where the babies were...

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I was writing this one for the freestyle collab but I missed the boat on that one. Figured I'd still share it with everyone since I'm happy with how it turned out. Enjoy! 

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I learned and applied some new mastering to the track, so this is a re-up.

This is basically just the mastered version of the original beat :)


Stems available upon request.

A zip file version is included with this record...


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No text version:

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