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Replaced the original because I felt like the video sync was a little off. The full version of the video with effects can be found here:


If you have a preference between the cartooned vs. this regular version, let me know. I couldn't decide!


Performance version without the filters/effects available.


Song Stems:




Yo mama's a trick, I heard she's a trick/

Like she can flip a trick quicker that skaters can kick flips/

yo mama's bigger than earth, no she's bigger than space/

She's so ugly, ugliness couldn't even look at her face/

Yo mama embarrasses you & she embarrasses me/

Cause she's nearly a human which means that we're sharing some genes/

But God knows I'm talking science when I'm saying that ish/

She's so fat that she ain't fit in jeans since she was a teen/



Yo mama's nasty like the clap & she's dumber than broken door knobs/

She's so fat she needs the jaws of life just to take her shorts off/

But hell, that never happens cause that woman's so Hairy/

The Hendersons kicked her out and then chased her on down the clearing/

But seeing yo mama in person really explains you/

Cause dude, you look like the woman you came through/

She's so dumb she bought boots to climb up Mt. Dew/

And so fat everybody there thought she was a mountain too/


But yo mama ain't my mama…my mama's the best/

My mama raised me from a baby plus my mom's a success/

My mom inspires me to do the best in all that I do/

And best of all my mama had me, and she didn't have you/


Yo mama ugly like the devil on a million different levels/

And she stops on every floor every day just causing trouble/

She's so dumb she opened an oven just to get baked/

And so ugly that her mirrors all decided to break/

It's a…suicide, it's a suicide/

She's so ugly her reflection even chooses to die/

Yo mama's so fat it's impossible for her to be fly/

but if she was a raft on the Titanic, everybody'd survive/



I mean yo mama took the pepsi challenge and she chose Jiff/

I swear to God yo mamas just as dumb as it gets/

I mean she tried to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff/

And then wanted so seafood so she tried drowning a fish/



Yo mamas gigantic, I'm talking like the size of a planet/

The only one that'd ever kill her is the Death Star commander/

She eats so much that her whole mouth is just one giant cavity/

& so fat that she has her own center of gravity/

I mean like holy crap, man that woman's a wreck/

Want her to change? eh, I'm not really holding my breath/

Yo mama's so dumb there really isn't any saving her/

She went to Babies R Us & then asked um where the babies were...


I was writing this one for the freestyle collab but I missed the boat on that one. Figured I'd still share it with everyone since I'm happy with how it turned out. Enjoy! 

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I learned and applied some new mastering to the track, so this is a re-up.

This is basically just the mastered version of the original beat :)


Stems available upon request.

A zip file version is included with this record...


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No text version:

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My parents' record player, my CD/tape player/radio from when I was in middle school, my new computer, free software, headphones I got for Christmas, and a mic I've had forever and never knew what to do with until now. Nothing fancy, but it works for me.


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for the re:secrets bumper or tiny songs.

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Taken from this sickly sweet hairspray commercial from (I'm guessing) the 1950s.

by DN0619
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For the mom themed beat I went a little jazzy and gave it this horn lick that reminds me a little bit of how parents talk in Charlie Brown. 

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From the House of Awesomeness 2014 (Langlois OR).

Top row: Kate E Howrad, rewfoe, sttm37, musing5225

Front row: moonbug, Jonnyisgoode, Jestferlaffs

by debit72
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I'm a talker so testimonials are hard for me to keep short. This is a little long but I tried my best to hold off the tears til the end to save you all from my cry face. Nearly made it :) 


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With the right sound design this could be awesome! 


I used royalty free stock footage for the anaimations, but I also uploaded the edit with out any animation cause I know someone on here could do better and just use the original as a guide.

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