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Mom (WWC #15)
DianeFT Released Jan 22, 2015

I was cleaning out my closet today, and I found that tacky shirt you got me for my birthday last year, with the parrot who’s eyes bulged out and who’s head became all deformed over my chest when I tried it on. Next to that was the black and white striped blouse you said would be perfect for me to wear to work (and I had thought, only if I was working as an escaped convict from a 1970’s cartoon show).

Since then, they have been hanging up in my closet, unworn, but today I feel the need to try them on again.  

I miss you mom.


I’m paralyzed.

I can’t move, even as I imagine the flames are crawling closer to me.

I can’t breathe.

I smile, but the smoke is choking me.

I’m terrified.

I muster up a fake laugh at...

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We’re all the things

In all those corny love songs

Soul mates forever with

Two hearts beating as one

But what we call love, others call


I can’t live without you

And you...

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Dear Peter,

I was afraid that you would never love me. Then when you did, I was afraid you would never love me as much as I love you. That made me afraid that I may love you too...

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When you get the hiccups, it is your soul struggling to escape your body.

Holding your breath cures hiccups, because your soul eventually passes out and can no longer struggle to...

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