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i am a man with my feet in the sand and I smile

up a mile, there's a mansion

I will evaporate onto another plane

break all the window panes

and float away


you are the son

I am the one

we are the sum

of nothing but none 


you are a change

but I am the same

we are a page from nothing but none


you are a wave

you crash onto my shore and I fall

im not a fan of roller coasters

I will evaporate onto another plane 

break all the window panes 

and float away



(this is consisting of 24 vocal tracks ... will upload stems if wanted!)


Here's me being way over the top and cursing quite a bit, which I figure you can just bleep out or something if you decide to use it. 

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JoeRud has written a beautiful song in which the lyrics are: "Let's make peace with eachother, and make war with everyone else." 

Isn't that bloody amazing!?!?

I've mixed it up to fit the trash collab: "Let's make stuff with eachother, and make trash of everything else"

Thanks for inspiring me all day Joe! 

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Video_icon is The rising 7's track. This is me rapping with a completely altered voice about falling into a reflection of myself that's way more positive and up charged than dwelling in negativity all the time, and wanting to stay that way. 



i put my hand up to the mirror just to try to clear a  fear of fallin through but it came true I fell into the other side of my refelction  was there lesson to be had? the bad had dissapeared it had its day, it perservered  and now in opposition  its been fuckin commendeered the good is here I ditched the darkside the high tide of misguidance'll pass your happiness is right inside of a test i guess the best of m e is like a referee of my demons blowin whistles at my steamin mouth shoutin out directions for the  negativity route but I aint goin that way the positve is here to stay a while cause I been goin wrong  like bein right is outs style so face your self  its your desicion  which side ya gotta be missin  cause balance is always insistent on trust you must listen to you heart it isnt much okay,  its everything 



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I've been messing around this app for a few days now, and it has brought me solid reassurance that my favorite thing is harmony. That moment when frequencies collide to form that sort of... heaven. 


Nothing too fancy in terms of the quality for this video/audio. I don't have the right cords and things to RECord sound directly from my phone in real time, so theres a little bit of fickle feedback and varying volume, but I wanted to do this before I go out of the house for the day so WHAMBAM here it is. Hope you enjoy and go harmonize!



UPDATE: the App is called Everyday Looper

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someone could rap over this! also was thinking it'd be cool to have different people dancing and saying "mile high love" to throw into the video.  :)

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and then suddenly I was in love with beatboxing...

I've been listening to a lot of Reggie Watts. 


"passion punch

twinkle touch

relation lust

tangled tongue


and i know 

we get along reaaaaal well"


this one is alllll voices and there's plenty of room for more harmony!!! (course, in my mind there always is)

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I had the "on the road" collaboration on my mind when I recently flew out to Los Angeles where I would be picked up by my cousin Serena Chablis. We would stay at her house in Long Beach until we made the drive to see our grandmothers and great grandfather in Havasu. We would have a good time. Then, back in Long Beach, my good friend Derek Chariton and I would catch a flick and take a drive.

All the while, I would film with my iPhone. 

That was the plan from the plane. I got all the footage I wanted during the trip, came home, edited a draft, wasn't satisfied... thought about doing voice over? No. Music. It needs music.

VWA LA! NH by theboxsets perfectly appears. Ah, I love this place.

This is is my road trip. Hope you enjoy it. 

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if you gonna win my heart: tiramisu baby, tiramisu.                                           (....and I wouldn't mind a glass of red wine.)



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remember when I gave you back that shirt i dont like?

cause I said that it reminded me of all of those times 

and you'd tell me be quiet, that its all in my mind
well im takin it back, im puttin it on, im wearin it tonight

cause I miss you, yeah
and I think I missed it
when you said yeah
but I heard you say no

and remember when I said I didnt think we're alike
a-cause-a I was always caught up on the fact that we die
and you said it didnt matter, just go and live your life
well baby now Im thinking that maybe you were right

cause I miss you so often
and we do have things in common
and I never layed a finger on you
unless it was wanted
do you remember when you said do it again?
It's hauntin 

the shirt?
im takin it back, 
and im keeping it
and you can never have it
it's become a habit
i only wear it when i am blue
it reminds me of the truth
that I never really knew you


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Wunder boy was kind enough to start a song for me to sing to, so I found some lyrics by blbest that were actually for a different song, but I think they're fitting. 

I plan on doing a lot more with this, but for now here's a snippet some possible parts. I encourage everyone to add on to it and I think we can make a really mother funkin groove. Who the funk is down??

AND considering the original writing is fairly short, maybe we can get some more words goin?

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iphone + boredom + solidarity + theboxsets music = this


I literally dreamed this last night. 


also, special VO guest star = my mother

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