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I went to check on my sleeping son and found him laying in almost exactly this position.

I had to giggle.

It looked like he was falling in bed. :D

My kids always provide the best inspiration. 

(I went through a lot of different recs, some of them didn't fit right. I think I got all the resources but if I missed one please let me know!)


A special thanks to Soju's album "Insanely cool characters". I found most of my dream inhabitants there. 


For the untitled neuroscience collab.

After much debate, I left the background blank. I thought maybe someone could remix in some fantastical images from the book she's reading. ;)

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Hunter Benson challenged me to illustrate her rec Homeless. Perhaps an odd association, but it reminded me of Social Distortion's song Through These Eyes and this is the sketch that came from it. 

Hope ya like it!

Second challenge completed. Starting on the third then I'm open for others. *hint hint*

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possibly for the line "I am full of atomic holes climbing out of my soul into nothing; it's a good thing," in the Spaces Between song collab?



And the boy grew old,

lost in the things only he could see.

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Perhaps not quite what you're looking for, but I figured 'end times' would make death very tired and sad. 

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I just couldn't think of a decent title. Apparently I used up my quota of wit on a shoe story. ;)


But I hope you like it anyway. It was inspired by a line in an old Chili Pepper's song.:D

(Since I've been asked, the line was "it's the edge of the world in all the western civilizations" from 'Californication'. It put me in mind of Shel Silverstein's 'Where the sidewalk ends'.)


abearella came up with the wonderful title "cost of loss".  The rec has circulated enough I don't want to change the name now, but wanted to post it.

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I do try to enjoy every season to the fullest. It's been a really long winter though, and I'm ready to be done enjoying this one. Really, really, ready.

So is the wee youngest. Waiting for the bus last week he looked at one of the trees out front and yelled


Which inspired me to do this sketch. Hope it can be useful. :D




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I went ahead and added narration to my rough draft. Please be kind. Words, either written or spoken, don't come easy for me. If anyone wants to tweak it, feel free!

Between the freebie software, lack of experience and too much niquil, I couldn't manage to add music as well as my voice file. It would be wonderful is someone could take the time to add music. <3

(I think I got all the resources, please let me know if I missed you!)

Here's the words:


Happy and carefree.

Full of wonder and discovery.

Learning who you might be.

Learning you  might be a little different.

If you're lucky, you'll have great parents or friends to help you see it's not always so bad- being different.

You aren't hampered by what everyone else is doing.

Not contained by their reality.

You can run away with your dreams.

Sometimes it's the only way to escape all the normal that surrounds you.

It's not always a conscious choice- leaving the preset path.

It can be a little scary, and sad.

But it can be exhilirating!

The freedom to remake yourself whenever you want and to run down whichever road catches your eye.

Meeting someone with the same kind of weird as you.

Losing yourself in a mad and passionate love.....until it ends.

And that's okay, you say.

There's always a different road, leading to a different town full of different people. 

Always another road.

Again and again.

You begin to see that maybe it's not that different after all.

But you keep trying and each loop around is harder and harder becaue you know damned well that you are the only common denominator. 

And all you can see is the trail of wasted time stretching out behind you.

But there is more time.

You don't know how much, but it is there. 

And it's full of possibilities you don't dare dream of.

Not yet.

For now, it's enough to know that there is still time to get off the road you are on.

There is always another road. 


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Because Hitrecord is apparently in cahoots with the insomnia monster, I found myself browsing way past my bedtime. My sleepless addled mind remembered an old PBS show I used to watch when I was a kid. The narrator would read a story and I watched as an artist chalked up the picture. I used to love watching the picture unfold. So I thought I'd see if I could do something similar.

Who needs sleep anyway?


Thank you to sfdetroiter for "Piano Top" that forms the canvas and to Ryan Cohen for "wintersleep" which set the perfect tone. 

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I've often been asked what it's like to be an Army brat. While it's mostly the same, there are some differences. Same can be said for any childhood, really.

I had a lot of fun making this video so I hope y'all enjoy it.

I'd like to give a special thanks to gyllenmaya (Darren) and missamerica (Lis) for doing special request records for me to use. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate it!

Since citing resources is a bit sketchy lately, here's a full list. 

Music: ashlaaa -String Orchestra (I can't believe how perfectly this fit the video, I barely had to fiddle with it)

gyllenmaya- FOR DEB! Panels 1, 2, and 3. 

mirtle- mountains, tree trunks and wishingstars

missamerica- and behind door #2 and cologne 3 (or whatever she calls it when she uploads it)

LittleBelD- Gobble Gobble

Crescendo- Christmas Candy

Sojushots- it's only a matter of time

All other images are my own.  Thanks for watching! 

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BreeKrafty challenged me to pick an artist I admire and remix their work via illustration.

I have to admit, I thought of an awful lot of different users. Can't throw a pebble without hitting someone amazing around this joint. But when I really sat and thought about it, I thought about Darren, gyllenmaya.

He was the first person to talk to me on the site (closely followed by missamerica). I had a really hard time getting my first rec to upload and he helped talk me through it. 

Then I got to look through his work, and to see him grow as an artist over the time I've been on the site. I absolutely love his style. I like how his work can go from cute and sweet to dark yet always have such a relatable feeling to it. I always 'get' it.

I marvel at the way he compliments me on the time I spend on my work and says he could never do that, yet he spends countless hours experimenting on getting the hair right on one of his works. 

I like how he's always trying something different, from people to landscapes and more. 

So I admire his work. I admire his drive to keep improving. But mostly, Darren, I admire you because you're a very kind, warm and down right amazing person. I hope I did your work justice with my remix. <3

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