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This pixilation animation was filmed for a group project set during the final year of my animation degree. We were given 3 very strict parameters. 1. It must contain a red character. 2. That character must enter and exit in an interesting way. 3. It must last EXACTLY 20 seconds. No more, no less.

This could probably do with a better soundtrack, so anybody that's got any ideas please take a stab at it.

Written and directed by Aaron Lockwood, Aaron Blackman and David Aylott.


I've added this to the Re: The Dark collab as I thought that the tone fits quite well, plus I think that pixilation would be a great animation style to include in the theme.


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I can't think of nothing.

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So, it's been a whole month since I happened to stumble across HitRECord, and i'm so glad I did. In the past month i've felt more inspired and creative than I have since leaving uni 5 years ago. HitRECord is full of amazingly talentedand creative people that are all producing wonderful work, as well as giving great feedback and encouragement. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this great communtiy and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by you all. Thank you, every single one of you HitRECorders.

Just as a quick update, i'm...

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