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Bad Comics by Aaron Lockwood. Bad Comics was a project started by my good friend Thom Haley. The idea was that one terrible comic on it's own is just rubbish, but once you get a collection of them together they become a cohesive piece of work.

To see more Bad Comics by myself and other Bad Comic creators visit and like the Facebook page at


For the Bad Comics collaboration I did (and may continue doing at some point) with my good friend ThomHaley.

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The Power of the Backpack by Aaron Lockwood. Bad Comic inspired by one of my favorite films, 'Swingers'.

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"It's going to be a boy."

"Just like his dad."

For the Bad Comics collaboration I did (and may continue doing at some point) with my good friend ThomHaley


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Wrath of the Titanic - Part I: The Return by Aaron Lockwood.

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Wrath Of The Titanic - Part II - Revenge by Aaron Lockwood

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Wrath Of The Titanic- Part III - Warning by Aaron Lockwood

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Obviously influenced by Shepard Fairey, this poster features Nigella Lawson. I started a sketchbook project where everything inside woud start with a chosen letter, the letter ended up being P, so there you have Propane Propaganda.

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This pixilation animation was filmed for a group project set during the final year of my animation degree. We were given 3 very strict parameters. 1. It must contain a red character. 2. That character must enter and exit in an interesting way. 3. It must last EXACTLY 20 seconds. No more, no less.

This could probably do with a better soundtrack, so anybody that's got any ideas please take a stab at it.

Written by Aaron Lockwood, Aaron Blackman and David Aylott

Directed by Aaron Lockwood

Edited by Aaron Lockwood


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I can't think of nothing.

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Okay, so this is just a VERY rough and quick test shot for an idea I had for both the Loops project and the Childhood project. I'm gonna add a person pushing the the person on the swing as well as colour and a background. I'll also have it loop for a bit longer so that you can sit mesmerized by it for at least a 30 seconds.

I'm pretty lazy, so hopefully i'll get this done in the next couple of days. I hope y'all like it.

*Update* Okay, so i've been a bit too busy over the last couple of days to do the next version of this, but i've also been trying to get a setup that means my picture will be bright and clear. I'll try another test tomorrow and post it for some feedback.

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So, here's my second test for my Swing Loop. I'm happier with some parts, but less so with others. I think that the colour may distract rather than add to the piece. Any feedback would be very much appreciated, please be as harsh as you can.

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Before I grew from smallish to tallish, the swingset taught me this: Push yourself hard enough and you can forever feel unstoppable.  - MarisaVictoria


So, here's my final swing loop. After two previous tests I think i'm mostly quite happy with how it turned out (i'm quite fond of how the unintentional change in lighting makes it look kind of like it's from 70's TV, and the hair works quite well), but there'll always be bits i'm not happy with (the legs look too stiff with not enough movment). It could definitely do with some sound/music, so if you have any ideas please take a stab.

When I saw MarisaVictoria's 'Child Wisdom' tiny story a day or two ago I thought it might fit well with the loop I had been working on. What do you think?

Thanks to everybody that has recommended my RECords so far and made me feel welcome here at hitRECord over the past couple of weeks.

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Right, this is the 10 second version of my Re-Recs ident thingy ( which I have added so that you can see how it loops. I'm pretty happy with it considering it only took me a couple of hours using Illustrator, which I can never understand how to use.

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Here's my EXTREMELY rough test for the On The Road Pre-Show Animation. The lighting isn't great, it's currently running at 6 frames per second (instead of 24 or 25) and there aren't many sights to see, but it's only a rough test so these are all things i'll sort out if people like it and it gets a good response.

So, send me a little feedback about whether you like the idea, if you have any ideas as to what could be on the road side, or just any improvements that could be made. Go on, be real mean.


*Update!* I'm currently working on my building the final animation, so if you'd like to help out/contribute some work you can do so here -

if that link doesn't work simply search for 'DeadKiriyama's On The Road Pre-Show Animation' under Collaborations

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So, here's ANOTHER test, a very quick one that took maybe 20 minutes to film which is why it's so rough. I've decided to make a Magical Mystery Machine full of strange and interesting mechanisms, hopefully once it's finished it'll be about 10 times bigger than this. What does the machine actually do? I don't know yet, only time will tell.

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So, it's been a whole month since I happened to stumble across HitRECord, and i'm so glad I did. In the past month i've felt more inspired and creative than I have since leaving uni 5 years ago. HitRECord is full of amazingly talented and creative people that are all producing wonderful work, as well as giving great feedback and encouragement. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this great communtiy and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by you all. Thank you, every single one of you HitRECorders.

Just as a quick update, i'm currently working on the new 'good' version of my On The Road Pre-Show Animation (the original 'bad' version is here - On The Road Pre-Show Animation Rough Test), and I just thought it would be a good idea to ask y'all if you'd help out by a) offering suggestions as to what scenery should be in it (so far i'm thinking houses, trees/forests, animals, mountains, lake/river)  and b) sending me any illustrations you'd like to be in it (if you post a link to the work in a comment on the 'bad' version i'll download it and put it in there).

Right, so there it is, thanks to everybody for being great, it's been a pleasure and i'm sure i'll see you all around.

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