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So, I thought I'd make a poster focusing on some of the fabulous drawing/sketching/painting done by the hitRECorders. These are just a few of my many favorite artworks on the site. :)

I left a lot of room for things like dates/locations/times, because I wasn't really sure what information needed to be on the poster, but once I find out I'll add that stuff in. Also, this is the image minus the bleed allowance- in the actual file there's 1/4in of extra background on each side.

If I forgot to resource anyone, please please let me know! I'm pretty sure I've got everyone though.
Post it notes & gum graffiti expressing love.
- Underneath Juliet's balcony in Verona, Italy.
by elktree
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Amanda wrote this on the plane while we were traveling and I shot it when we were hanging out at lunch.

This is a beautiful and moving moment to me because she is so reluctant to grace the world with her voice and talent. It is Heavenly.

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The fine line of our sanity, is only bequeathed unto us behind a brick wall of
REASON. But REASON is not instinctual. It is acquired through trial. Like that of a
child being told not to touch something because it will pain. Only the child's wonder will be the true teacher. And that teacher will burn the lines of reason and societal sanity into that oh so precious piece of meat that processes pain. That pain will be the building blocks of character. Character as complex and unique as our very DNA. Pain in the growth of ones self is inevitable , therefor it instills initial fear in the evolution of our souls. Fear incapacitates the weak. The "what if's" in life are paralyzing. Yet the strong bull forward forever trampling the weak in their constant procession of what they feel is there birth- right. Proving more so the fact that the strong survive and the weak parish. Which in turn lays ground for the question . WHY, REASON?!! When REASON is governed by FEAR! So I say the instincts we are born with are Truth, Animalistic. Animals do not SIN! Sin is born of Consciousness. Consciousness is a direct conduit of REASON. So I ask you, people everyday REASON-ACT-REACT. What if we unlearn the first one? Would it force evolution? Or cast dissolution? What would happen if you took that oh so essential portion of that oh so precious piece of meat that creates reason and fed it to impulse? Which in turn chewed it up and vomited it back out.

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There is just so much exciting art here I kind just wanted to wear it!
I might of missed a couple resources,so if you find any just let me know :)
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Hey there guys! I just got inspired by ctunwrapped's cool old style photo (reminded me of old radio!) So here they are in the interior Zooooo (yes can you guess where the background is) bit inspiration for zep zoo design!

I left it blank in case people wanted to use it as a Morgan post card hehe! :)
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First of all I wanted to say how awesome of a job everyone did on the original Morgan M. Morgansen's . I loved watching it from the start and how everyday someone contributed to make it what it is now. Anyways, as I was watching it I wondered if using the clips I could tell a different story by switching them around and reusing them (not to take away from the integrity of the real story) anyways this is what I've come up with... a more depressing version of Morgan looking back on his post relationship, the black and white was meant to represent the past... happy valentines haha. -sorry if this video file does not work...

Music: Beethovan Symphony #7 in A minor.
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A little project by my sister and I using homemade chalkboards and a little 500 days of summer inspiration.
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I chose to start working on my cut of the Sundance 2010 Documentary today (Thursday January 28, 2010). There is no way I'm going to be able to finish it for tomorrow night (Friday January 29, 2010).

This is a portion of the intro, and I figured it would be selfish of me to hold on to it when other documentary editors MIGHT want to incorporate it.

My goal with this intro was to demonstrate hitRECord in as little words as possible. First, using uncut footage of Joe doing what everyone does when they talk to a camera. I think it is just very representative of how EVERYTHING starts on hitRECord. I also try to demonstrate the process of RE-mixing and RE-recording using "Morgan M Morgansen's Date with Destiny".

Again, this is just an intro and not a finished documentary product. But nothing ever is finished and ever will be. (But some things more than others. This is the "less than others" category.) I just hope it opens up some new ideas.

Again, I hope you can use this well.

Again, by heart.

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Our 'Dance Dance Repetition' has had yet new life breathed into it. Here's a remix of the piece I wrote the other day. I understand that Dr. Gory is busying himself cutting a video for it. I'm going to follow up with stems soon. In the meantime, turn it UP...or turn it down if the neighbors are yelling at you, I guess : )
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Had a moment in the RECroom....
RegularJoe being his regular self.
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