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This album is a collection of and a new earth reprise videos that were put on HitRecord during the time the collaboration started to when it aired at the Sun Dance Film Festival. It is amazing to see the effort everyone put into this.

I did not include individual clips that were put into each finished version; just the final version. Those are already resourced in each version. A few editors put out several updates which are included in this album.

Congrats again to everyone who had a part in making this.



a sort of stream of consciousness-y thing ive been writing lately. i saw this timelapse vid today by bluebudgie and was really inspired to experiment with it. i understand how this might be seen as political or preachy or offensive.. but i honestly dont mean to be any of those things. it is directed at me more than anyone else. there's a lot of literary reference nod's in the text.

sub-point: the track is an instrumental version of everything is on fire

by wirrow
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Calling all Vocal Artists, all Audio Mixers, all Video Editors!

You might know our record "and a new earth", it is definitely one of the most impactful short films to have come out of HITRECORD and we play it at all of our shows. And I was thinking that Sundance 2012 is a great reason for us to make another version of it!

I absolutely love the original, it's a beautiful piece both in style and in substance.  wirrow wrote the text and set it to a timelapse from the site while adding an instrumental track that he had made. The simplicity of it is what makes it so impactful. (here is the link to the original or you can check the resources below.

But I've always wondered what it would be like if we took it to the next step because I feel this piece is really conducive to our mass collaborative creative process. 

So here's what to do: 

  • Vocal Artists, Actors, Poets - record yourself reading the text of the original video.  You can read it however you like, but it may be that the more similar to the original the better.

  • Audio Mixers - Mix together a large creative combination of these different recordings of everyone reading the text. 

  • Video Editors - Let's start providing and editing visuals into a big montage that corresponds to the text. Remember, sometimes it's not the most literal 

  • connection that is best, but maybe something less obvious that still provokes the same sentiment as the text. 

Once again, the original is so beautiful in it's simplicity that I believe this can be equally as strong in it's multiplicity.  And I wanna screen it at Sundance... so let's get to work. 

Thanks again, 





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VOICE ARTISTS: We need even more vocal contributions to this, and this time TRY TO STAY IN TIME WITH THE ORIGINAL COMPUTER-GENERATED RECITATION.

Krrr made a great sketch taking a bunch of vocal contributions and editing them together, exploring what this text might sound like read by multiple vocal artists.  It sounded great with multiple voices layered over each other, but invidividual voices don't quite sound right for this particular piece.  So the challenge is to get lots of voices, but to also make sure the WORDS ARE INTELLIGIBLE, so we need to be as precise as we can, staying in time with each other.

VIDEO ARTISTS: CameronSmith and Kavonne have done great early versions of a video for this.  Watch those.  And let's find more footage along the lines of what they've got going.  Whether you actually cut video or not, you can really help with this.  MAKE AN ALBUM, go through the site, find appropriate video clips.  It'll be even more helpful if you write in your album's description which clips you think might go well with which part of the text, even specifying times in the videos, like for example, "This clip from 3:53 to 4:07 would go well with the part of the text that goes 'you have forgotten how to dream because we have removed it from your language.'"

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I put more of a narrative in this one. I was too lazy to do it before.

Stil plenty of room for remixes!

Also I made wirro the main narrrator (the original intenet). But, that also makes him a girl.

Will wirrrr wring his wraaaaaaaaaaaath around me!? I'm worried!

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This happens to be both Krrrrrrrrr and I's 2.4 version!


I would have liked to to typography on this. But I can't animate letters/words/sentences at all. So...If someone wants to do that... Please do! I picture them starting off as the entire sentences, then as the film progresses, it is only the main nouns and verbs of the lines.

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Hokay. So, I really liked 12.42's pretty space stuff (I'm a big fan of his) so I decided to use that as a motif in this. Alongside (and underneath) Wirr's dream experiemnents.

This is not super different from 2.1 but I wanted to get it out there because I was super excited about how it's coming out. I'm still waiting on a mix of all the robotic voices. I think a meld between starting out as normal reading and slowly transitioning into the group robotic thing will really help carve a cool narratic. And help everything climax. So... yeah. Get to mixing! 

Here is 2.1

And the original

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"And A New Earth" Reprise.


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