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The sun hung low in the air like a half drawn blind in the sitting room of this shore. I nearly forgot if it was rising or setting - the days and its dichotomy of light have blended into grey. Warm sand between my toes as the ocean salt wiped my face with its freshness. A memory hidden in the sound of surf arose like a rock in retreating tides. It was the smell of oranges, a floral dress, and the way she did her hair. All gone now, to charity shops and old friends. Bankers and business men.

I stood, relieving my backside from the worn seat of sand beneath me, my spine creaked into life.

Watching the ocean and its many leagues of mystery throw itself on the rocks I thought about our marriage, her lunging herself into a husband who was, then, as sharp and scuffed as those very same rocks. It...

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Rocks At The Shore
CiaranHodgers Released May 15, 2012
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