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Hey all!! Been a while since I jumped in the record pool. Sorry who knows where the time goes.

This is something I shot with a buddy when we found this abandon school. I have more footage but just wanted to throw this together to see what ya thought. We're gonna go back and do something a little more thought out soon. Would love for someone to write and story, or give any ideas where to take a narritave. 

I love this charcter! 

Miss all of you Recorders!!

Much love from the Clown world.

P.s for some reason when I uploaded it. It cut the frame. It should be wider! 

Not sure where you guys are with this, I haven't been on the record for a while. Had these voices in my head thinking of this..figured i would put them down and put them up. Let me know whats going on with this collaboration
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Hey guys, haven't been around for a little bit..sorry. But a few voices have been echoing in this head of mine and here they are..this is a single read not very polished or done cleanly. I am wanting to know where everyone is with this collaboration, and/or if i should try making this recording any better. Thanks, love ya guys
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The fine line of our sanity, is only bequeathed unto us behind a brick wall of
REASON. But REASON is not instinctual. It is acquired through trial. Like that of a
child being told not to touch something because it will pain. Only the child's wonder will be the true teacher. And that teacher will burn the lines of reason and societal sanity into that oh so precious piece of meat that processes pain. That pain will be the building blocks of character. Character as complex and unique as our very DNA. Pain in the growth of ones self is inevitable , therefor it instills initial fear in the evolution of our souls. Fear incapacitates the weak. The "what if's" in life are paralyzing. Yet the strong bull forward forever trampling the weak in their constant procession of what they feel is there birth- right. Proving more so the fact that the strong survive and the weak parish. Which in turn lays ground for the question . WHY, REASON?!! When REASON is governed by FEAR! So I say the instincts we are born with are Truth, Animalistic. Animals do not SIN! Sin is born of Consciousness. Consciousness is a direct conduit of REASON. So I ask you, people everyday REASON-ACT-REACT. What if we unlearn the first one? Would it force evolution? Or cast dissolution? What would happen if you took that oh so essential portion of that oh so precious piece of meat that creates reason and fed it to impulse? Which in turn chewed it up and vomited it back out.

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OK... WOW, I can't believe I'm about to do this. SO, I couldn't sleep last night, so I found this and was enchanted. I'm not sure what you call what I did. Let's be clear I do not and never have before other than the car... sing, or even played with music like this. So I guess this is just a temp and if I flush out the idea clearly then we find someone in HitRecord That would be a good match for Meta, vocaly. I kinda looked at it like a spokenish wordish thing, because Lawrie is just a ridiculous linguist. So just to be clear of my with myself deprecation and insecurity I had no clue how to harmonize so I didn't even try. I think i thought of it as a dark Row row row your boat( I know mad simple but thats me) there's something magical about the simplicity so this isn't it but there might be a way to keep it raw and simple and play with it. PLEASE any help is welcomed. God I can't believe I'm do this.
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Don't really know why but heard this in my head so I put it down. Love your work sister!!

might be a touch to sinister!
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Yeah, sorry I'm not a musician so I don't have any original sound and wasn't sure how to cut this without a song. When I learn how to use this site better I'll be able to pull from others so till then... thanks for the support.

And joe Yeah first time editing but I had the advantage of being around you and that crazy head of yours for 6 years now I hope some rubbed off.

Brother I can not thank you enough for what this community and you are doing to inspire the world (and me).

i want to scream HITRECORD in to the universe and see what comes back...

Thank you Mr. Moriarty
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Shot this for my wife today. Didn't shoot it well but I think that's what I like about it.

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Amanda wrote this on the plane while we were traveling and I shot it when we were hanging out at lunch.

This is a beautiful and moving moment to me because she is so reluctant to grace the world with her voice and talent. It is Heavenly.

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I just tried to post a reply and like idiot posted a record. wow.
I'm so bad with computers sorry to all.
Thanks for the kind words though.
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for the early mess up. I kinda suck at all this still.

Thank you for kind words.

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" Even in your darkest hour, the light is always patiently waiting... to shine through"
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