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Maybe it's just me but this voting for people has confused me. Surely it is about the right questions/queries/concerns more than the person asking it.

I think we need to focus on the questions/concerns at this stage than who will ask it. If it is a question/concern a lot of the community also want answered than the person who raised it will ask it. Anyone who is in this discussion will be capable of engaging in the event along with HQ and the others. The question/concern should be representative of the community not any one individual. 

Let's focus on the issues not the representatives.

There will unlikely be any curveballs either the reps or HQ wont be able to answer (even if that answer is 'we don't know') as it will all be on the site for weeks prior to discuss so if the individual is confident and articulate then it's all good.

Dave had started humming before we even left the house – I knew this was going to be a long shitty night. It had been a shitty day and now we had to go to a shitty dinner and my...

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