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This time, this is in the right aspect ratio!

Go me!

Now..... how to delete the other version.....

This has been a long time coming.

Sorry about the microphone going off at some points and making the camera noise growl at you. The rain was not helping.

Thanks to Sel for interviewing!

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I finally had time to edit this finally! :D

This is the 'sister video' of LizSmall's HR Profile that I shot when I was up in NY on tour with The Polyphonic Spree in December.

Many thanks to Sherrby for videobombing this at the end.

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She was visiting her friend in Dallas so I was all like, "COME AT ME BRO"

Special thanks to my horse, Dream Girl, for being nosey.


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Koura was on her way to Sundance and swung through my part of Texas! So we spent about half an hour and RECorded this profile video.


PS I wanna make 2014 the year of profile vids! If you are awesome and have a story and happen to be around North Texas (or I happen to be around you) let's meet up and film some stuffs!

Special thanks to Johnny for shooting some gorgeous b-roll of Koura at Sundance for me! And of course extreme special thanks for Koura for opening up and being such a beautiful person!

If anyone knows the name of the song at the top, let me know! I had it marked in my itunes incorrectly and now I have no idea which RECorder it belongs to!

Check out all of the other Profiles here:


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Turns out this very talented guy lives not too far from me. Last month, he invited me out to his abode. Here's a little glimpse into his world.

 Music by Ben, of course.

The silent film footage is DW Griffith's 'Intolerance' which is in the public domain.

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He was swinging through Texas, so we made some stuff!

The interview is about half an hour long. I'll upload all that when I get a chance. Itd make for great testimonials.

Actually... I might do that with the rest of my profile videos too. hmm...

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My buddies are (from here on out) to expect that if I hang out with them, they will be prominently featured in a short film.


:D :D :D


Beautiful music by Wirrow. I wish I could have used the whole song... Maybe this is only part one of the video.


Not sure about the logos? It's a documentary so.... I dunno. Someone with more legal knowhow lemme know.

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The power of this site:

Co-'created' by myself, metaphorest, and wirrow.

With Voice overs by pamagotchi.

Starring Haus_of_Glitch.

Music by MeganCarnes and Wirrow.

Social networking at it's finest!


The Raw footage is up for you to use as you want!

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This came out a little bit too PSA-ish.


Still... Hopefully I can make more!

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This time it's not as I mean as high quality...

Compressing it made it a lot darker...... Boo... Oh well. Since it's a rough, maybe it'll look better the second time around.

Here is the collab for everyone to do stuff with it:

REmix, Voice Over, Add titles, Effects, Bokeh (Circles of Confusion), whatever you want!

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It's like... a video about music with sound from the video about a song. About the song from the video.

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This is a late Bday present for Stevie! Everyone wish her a HAPPY!!!!

Also wish her a SUPER HAPPY for kicking the woo out of cancer!


Also the picture of the school was taken from: where it says it is in the public domain :)

 Also also, my fave is wonky in the start. I had to sneeze + hair in my eye! D:

Also also also, someone please tell me what song is in the middle. The file is called 'annicajammix' but i never saved the actual stuff from when i downloaded it ages ago.

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