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This is how we propose to split up the profits for the Season 1 Key Art of HITRECORD ON TV.

Join in the discussion and give us your feedback by Wednesday April 2nd, 2014.



NOTE: In these Proposals, whenever you see RegularJOE credited, it is because we are acknowledging his contribution to the piece. As we've always done, we have assigned a percentage and a value to this work and we welcome your feedback on that allocation. However, specific to this TV Production, RegularJOE's payment has been put back into the payout pool. His total allocation for these pieces have been proportionally reallocated to all other contributors within the pieces. That is why his payout values have been crossed out, and when you attempt to multiply any % share by the allocated value of the piece, the payout is a bit higher.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Variations of the HITRECORD ON TV Key Art were used on Posters, Billboards, Bus Wraps, and Online Graphics. We feel that for the purposes of this Profit Proposal, the fairest and most comprehensive way to compensate the contributing artists is to pay for the resources of the full KEY ART HERE.


imaginary friends

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So my friend wanted me to write a cute little jingle about crocheting.  I was concurrently listening to a lot of N.W.A.  So this is what I came up with. I resourced the lovely AbigailLake because the second verse is inspired by a conversation we had at Sundance.  Thanks Abigail! <3

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Reposting this from last year after it disappeared :( 

by azry
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This collab (and Evan's request) really got me thinking about the excuses I'll make to justify not doing something.  So here are a few (don't judge me):


For not making art

  •  'There's not enough light.'  - I'm particularly bad about this one in the wintertime when it is bleak outside.  But most of the light I use is natural, so if it's pitch black outside, I'm filming nothing.

  • 'The camera isn't charged.' - Oh, shut up, Lis, it only takes a few minutes.

  • 'Someone else will think of it.'  - Am getting really bad about this one because everyone on here is so creative and talented.  I've always got a way to convince myself that someone has already thought of doing that remix and probably will.

  • 'I'm tired' - No, you're not, GET UP.

Re: editing

I quite often interchange editing excuses depending on whether I do or don't want to do something.  Like this:

  • 'Sorry, I can't come out for drinks tonight, I have a project I need to edit.' - Works. Every. Time.

But conversely...

  • 'Couldn't work on the edit because I've had a couple of drinks...' This normally is something I'll use when I need to work on something I don't want to.  Like the edit of my friend's friend's second-cousin's music video. 'I've been drinking' is a good excuse.  I have edited drunk before and it was hilarious the next morning, but then I had to go in an fix a few random things... :P


  • I've been known to use potatoes as an excuse not to clean the cat litter box.  Yeah, you heard me right.  I don't have a car, so I walk everywhere.  When it comes to buying groceries, I'm really careful not to buy too many heavy things because I know I'll have to walk home with it all.  'So, I think we'll have potatoes with dinner tonight'  followed by 'Aww, I can't carry the cat litter and the potatoes!'  Ha, ha, muwahahah...

  • 'There's like, 200 more spoons in there'.  We have lots of cutlery.  Dishes don't get done for that reason.

  • 'I'm really not that hungry' - Nope, not cooking dinner. Sorry.

Ok, re-reading this list makes it sound like I'm really lazy, which I'm not.  I just keep a few of these in my back pocket in case I really need to use them :)


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this is a request from a guy who rubs his face in all sorts of morning ways.  

I really have no clue where this collab might go and that is very exciting to me.  Hope you can join the excuses party!  

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I just loved Sarah's image and text pairing...  ^.^

(The public domain image is originally low-resolution, but I think we can get away with it for this piece.)

Thank you so much Sarah, Clare, and Natalie!  <3

by IrmaVep
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CALLING ALL WRITERS, IMAGE ARTISTS, & CURATORS! We're gonna publish a Book based on videotroph's "hitRECord Manifesto" collab that explores why we hit RECord, under the direction of Marke & IrmaVep  - contribute your text, imagery, and curation!



WRITERS: Compose short, punchy pieces of text that refers to what hitRECord does well and what social or artistic values it promotes. Your contributions can also be from the Public Domain. Please include a Title as well.

IMAGE ARTISTS: Interpret Text contributions with your own Visual Remixes. Please refer to THIS ALBUM by IrmaVep for references and inspiration.

CURATORS: Make Albums that connect Manifesto Text with corresponding Images from the site. You can also make Albums of existing Manifesto pages from and arrange them in your own order.

EVERYONE: Come up with ideas for the Title of this Manifesto publication.



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For the past two years we've had Resident Curators from the community to assist in featuring records. Resident Curators have been hand picked based on the artistry of their contributions as well as their taste in recommendations. This initiative has been a huge success not only to our community at large, but to our creative process.

In the past, we've worked with Resident Curators in a variety of ways, including weekly group Skype meetings, smaller group discussions on particular projects, and curating albums for Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV. However, we found that Skype meetings were not always the most effective way to develop projects. In 2014, we'll be continuing to evolve the Resident Curator initiative, and new roles Curators may include the monitoring of particular collaborations, participating in request videos, and curating Albums of particular projects or ideas.

We are really pleased to announce today that we're expanding our team of Resident Curators for 2014 by adding these 13 new Curators:

* Axon Graf / Image

* KevinMaistros / Image, Video

* babylove / Image, Video

* Tyrann0s / Audio

* ponytailsandcapris / Image, Video

* saintmaker / Text

* CaptClare / Image, Video

* thatwasnotveryravenofyou / Text

* FollyA / Image, Video

* xanlee / Text

* AlmostSound / Audio

* Ashes2Ashes / Audio

* JasonAngelone / Image


NOTE: You can check out the entire Resident Curator team HERE.



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I saw some comments re: curating on hR in regard to skriks's image record "A Man #2". I've had little direction (beside the obvious title of Audio Curator) regarding what exactly is allowed and what is not in terms of featuring records. The main direction I recall is that, during the making of the TV show, curators should only feature records related to the TV show.

I featured a video once of a rough cut of Adieu, which was unfeatured, but the only reason given for that was to be respectful to the artists, as it was still a work in progress at the time.

So! To get some solid answers regarding curation and what is and isn't allowed to be featured, I'm making this text record. Or maybe this has been discussed, and someone could direct me to that thread?

So again, sure, I should know my place by surmising that being an Audio Curator is pretty plain in describing my area of curating powers, as it were. Yet my outlook on the featuring process has been a bit subversive from the start, as the line was blurred by yours truly from the get-go, and here's how and why.

The first record I featured was a lip sync video for The Spaces Between by Metaphorest. I used that feature as opportunity to offer a bit of rogue concept direction for the music video of that song (a raft of singing, unblinking, monochromatic faces.) This bit of direction, while not officially sanctioned by hR, to be clear, was able to take hold, take shape, and influence the look and feel of the final video. (And take a bit of the spotlight off of my ugly mug. Cue the maniacal laughter.)

I honestly did not think many would take my suggestion seriously regarding lip sync videos. But many did. And so, because I took a step beyond my titular duties of Audio Curator without looking back -- well, I did glance behind me every once in a while, and I still do, and that's why I am writing all of this, you see, as I want to be sensitive to all the curators and their points of view on this matter -- things happened.

Having said all that, seeing that I'm not a Global Curator like wirrow is, nor do I think that I deserve to be, I'm more than happy to play by the rules. That is, once I find out for sure what exactly the rules and restrictions are. Should I, as an audio curator, not feature non-audio records? Or should I continue as I have thus far, featuring stuff because it's worthy of being featured?

Thanks! <3

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Billy ditches math class. Written and illustrated by me.



Window opening:

The Invisible Family: Billy Tries To Get Laid by MattConley

Fall Formal Intro Drum Beat by Kid Koala

Hit Record Spring 2011 Collection - Type 20 by thatsthewayitgoes

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