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Hello, all.  I was first introduced to Wirrow's beautiful "and a new earth" last winter when Joe put out the request asking for a remix for Sundance.  I was so inspired by this piece that I decided to try my hand at something I had never done before: filming and editing my very first short film.  Well, it wasn't ready for Sundance, obviously, but I still wanted to release it because I just love this piece so much.  More than anything, I love the simplicity of it: the words, the single shot of the cars driving down the road, the single voice reading the text; it all just comes together so beautifully.  Needless to say, it struck a chord with me, so I decided to do a different interpretation of it and came up with this.  Overall it does need some work, it is a little rough around the edges, and it's not the best quality, but I think it does have a lot of promise, and that it's a good starting point for something that could be great.  And I think it's not half bad for a first attempt!

Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy.  There will be a lot more to come. :)


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