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You are the moon for me.

Always, I look to the sky and search for you.
Sometimes you grace me with your face

You light my nights

You guard my days

Sometimes your smiling face looks down on me
I look up, and I'm reminded that I am not alone.

Distant, sweet sadness shines down on me from above.
I close my eyes and bask, alone. 

But you're not always there
And of course I miss you when you're gone
My nights are dark and frightening without you.

But it seems you always return for me
Almost predictably
Except when I need you.

You taught me to rely on myself
Thank you. 

Lunar Orbit
BlaueRosen Released ago
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The way you move, the way you talk,

The way you see, the way you look at me

Makes me stop and think that there's something

More that Icould be, wonder if there's something

More to me than the me that I see.

Now is it just me, or does the whole room

Stop and turn and stare when you come in,

At a beauty you can't see?

I'm sorry that my words

Aren't enough to save you from your self

But please don't cry; if it helps

I love you and that's all I ever want to do -

What's that? You love me too?

To be loved by such a beautiful you

Makes me wonder if I...

by BlaueRosen ago

I'll never get another call from you

Hear your voice again, sometimes

Flat, sometimes with that cheerful strain

In a way that said so much

More than any of your words.

I'll never hold you to my chest again,

Feel your acid pain pumping through my bones

I'll never cry myself hoarse again, suppress

Another sob for you because

I lost you.

It's funny how that telephone wire

Transmitted so much more than words.

And now when I lie awake at night,

And think of all the things I'd like to do,

There will be that much more venom

In my bite, because (as much as)


Looking out from my eyes

is a strange girl.

She's rather unorthodox

And graceless, but


we're not



by BlaueRosen ago

No matter how hard I scrub, I just can't seem to get you out of my skin.

by BlaueRosen ago