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This is that poem "Daddy's Boy" I released as a song. Edited the shittier parts I hope. 

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Felt inspired today to write this song. Sort of mushy gushy, different than the usual stuff.

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This should ring some definite bells!

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I love this song, worked hard on it. I am very excited to share it with everyone here.

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New song. 

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The minister's daughter drinks holy water,

to keep the devil from her soul.

The minister's daughter hears of 

jailhouse slaughters and sings gospel

to rock n roll, now.

An eye for an eye and a tooth

for the truth, she's my next

door neighbor. 


God is gonna save her from her

self indulgent behavior, but

you know he does no favors, now.

The first will be first and the last will

be last,

I'm good friends with her cuz I don't

wanna be cursed. 

The word of christ is not to say in vein,

but she's a straight shooter in a winding lane.


Please little miss won't you keep him away 

from the bees, cuz up in trees is where birds

and worms get along, now.

I was in love with a down mister singing

holy scriptures he was ticking like an atom bomb, now.


Now don't it feel to be, Now don't it feel to be,

Now don't it feel so good to be so wrong.



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This is my favorite song I've recorded so far. Hope you guys like it. Use It! Tell me what you think. Mad love, again by heart.

If you see a bee, Well that's just me

A sting on your paw

Because Honey Bees and Bears well they don't belong

Or so I am told..

If you see a worm, Well that's just me

Squirming passed your beak..

Because Birds and Worms

Don't belong or So I am told

So I am told.

by Babbish
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I found this appropriate for the Row, Row, Row your boat collab. A remix of sorts using Chase Horsemen's Life is but a dream and a bit of Joe's poem "There is that which, without force isn't" in the mix.

by Babbish
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I sold my heart for a weekend in Reno

Gambled my life away in the casino

Choked on wine and moonshine

On the way to American Scrimp N' Save

Travelled back to dine with a teller


Slip, slide, then you ride

Thoughts collide like ice

Slip, slide, then you ride

Thoughts collide like ice


Went to the morgue to

get a new transplant

I took a dead man's heart 

And here I stand


Can I take a photo with the band? (x4 measures)


I sold my heart for a weekend in Reno

Gambled my life away in the casino

Choked on wine and moonshine

On the way to American Scrimp N' Save

Travelled back to dine with a teller


by Babbish
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This was way too fun. P.s. This is a parental advisory warning. No children should be present when listening to this track.

Song lyrics are as follows:

You keep on, 

spinnin the track 

Until I bring it home

you got two turntables,

But I ain't no microphone drone.

I'm two tone,

I bring that ____ when I'm home alone

I don't run it down like I'm doin a drill

I spill them beats but that ___ is gettin ill

Twenty, Twenty regular please

Twenty, Twenty regular please.


Mr. I'll be gentleman when I settle them in,

Bullimic dream and my patience is running thin

I'm a mental lyriciist

Dominatrix of types

I'll take your balls and put them in a vice

I roll the dice, to get my dollars and change

rearrange the status and balance,

ya'll better know where I'm at.


I may be a "ghostwriter" but my lyrics 

they be getting tighter,

Ya'll better know where I'm at

I'm over in the ghetto but it ain't

no ____

Cuz I'm too legit to quit ______

Cuz I'm too legit to quit ______


Yea... And I curse like a sailor

And I eat taylor ham

Ya'll better know where I'm at

I've got a 22, 45, and I'm getting a gat.


Y'all don't know me, I'll shank you

Y'all don't know where I'm from

Y'all don't even know where I'm goin..

Where am I goin?


Now that's how it's done, son. 

by Babbish
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I adore making mixes. Here's my picks ya'll! Hope everyone has fun at the show!


1.) Sycamore (Tcs Remix)- This is pretty good Pre show music, it's subtle and yet tribal. This might be nice to get everyone settled in to. It has a definite calming effect.


2.) Funky Swager- Malicore- So funky and makes you excited to dance and groove.


3.) Jellyfish- RoboJ remix- Liz's voice in this is just so phenomenal. I love the high notes, it truly takes you to another place. This would be so great to get people amped up. 


4.) I'm leaving and you're coming with me- Lava Tornado- This song is ultra kickass for the pre show. Just listen.


5.) Technicolor Kids- TongueCutSparrow- Perfect for a preshow, I think this song describes what hitrecord is all about.


6.) You're my kind Dancin Babe- Mike Regan- Absolutely love this song. So good for a preshow.

by Babbish
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Lava_Tornado- Xylophone and Bass

Babbish- Guitar and Vox

by Babbish
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