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I like wheels and cogs and all things turning... so got very inspired by Metaphorest's Cog Contributions.

Loving the "Cogs (Gif)" especially and took cerebis' comment: "... Now, make it turn into a robot :)" as a personal challenge ;-D. This is what Sundays are for.'s not Transformers as such....but it might do for now :-D

If one likes to add sound or mess around ➔ GO HERE! (I can also render in other format if needed...)


It's been way too long... :(

Let me share one little secret with you. From a very young age I've been making music for Imaginary Films.

Update: NOT the production company. I mean those films inside my  head or wherever imagination takes place...:-P

I'm not the best writer, so the only way I could do the story justice was by playing it on an instrument. Thing is, I recorded the music and then buried the tapes in my room so no one could ever listen to it. Most of it. Fading away in old boxes and drawers. Cause it was only for Imaginary Films, right? 

Well.. I've learned that Imagination is just as real as real can be. 

I saved a few tapes and started RE-recording a couple of those pieces. I decided this is the only place I feel like sharing. At least they may be useful one way or another. 

This is one of those pieces. 


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An old jerk writing peculiar letters...

(Composed for "The Letters of Henry Adam Wood" collaboration by missamerica.) 

(Stems Available)

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At least one fish from over here. Steam and Punk. Hy-Brasil style. 


I started animating it but then I thought someone else might as well have a go at it if interested...

(Really I'm too lazy).

For Fully annimanimatable file please go ....cogs and wheels. 

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Originally an instrumental to TookItHomeToJenny's brilliant letter 'Abigail Winthon-Thorpe letter to Mr Henry Adam Wood'.

Timing of this tune is heavily based on Chrissy Regler's wonderful VO for Abigail Winton Thorpe to HAW

But really It could be for any letter. I guess. :-)

For the VO REmix, please go:


yes i know. cliché.

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Right O.

It's Friday Night (wherever I am anyway) so I felt like designing The more useful "Celebrity PHOTO OP." for Political Action 2. Based on the previous design -but - hopefully- with a little more style...

Note Jason Angelone's awesome Background Elements!

Anyway. Wherever I can put a sportscar, I will. 

If anyone doesn't like yellow, feel free to get rid of it  :-D ➔ HERE! 

No more uploading for me 2night...cause it's Friday Night, after all ;-D


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Went a bit wild on this one. Can be toned down/simplified & more pixelated if needed ;-).


For Multilayered BOSS & CASH ➔ GO HERE!

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OK, THESE R NOT useful at all ;-P.

Based on JOE's awesome Greenscreen footage.

FX can still be used perhaps ;D

FOR Multiple (FX)  Layered PSD ➔ GO HERE!

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(Smoke needs to be added...)

(10 sec LOOP)


For the transparent composit READY file PLZ ➔ DRIVE HERE!


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Get some VEG on the side. According to Tillycat it's a purple squash...


This is yet another BG for 'The Mushroom, Ofcourse'.


+ PLZ Roar if I did not Resource properly!


To decide on that squash for yourself CHECK out the HI-RES PSD and ➔ GO HERE


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What's Cookin'?

Well...It's a delicious -no birdies were harmed in the making of this boho kitchen- vegetarian dish...

I saw this connection between Tyty Barth's 'Pigeon Recipe' and sojushots' 'birdies'... my apologies in advance...But then is vegetarian after all...


This Shot is heavily based on Loddi's wonderful "TMOC Apartment set (kitchen1)" .

Please Check out all the Resources...:D

Again..give me a roar if I forgot to resource! 

For Multilayered HI-RES PSD (AND to follow the recipe) ➔ GO HERE!

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Looks Like someone's having a Party...

Different angle to the City Apartment 'Bong Room' for 'The Mushroom, Ofcourse'. This is for a truck out. I figured the middle rug should be there (needs to be amended in the previous shot for continuity) as the ladies lie on the floor in 1st shot.

In need of some more knick knacks? T.V? ;-)

This room is full of Resources, PLEASE check 'em out, there's about 30, your art is wonderful to work with, so CHEERS ;-). Again, if I didn't recourse properly, give me a roar and I'll make sure to revise ;).

For Multilayered Hi-RES PSD, don't hesitate ➔ GO HERE!

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For RENT. Spacious City Apartment, BONG included. Complimentary Fruity Sugar Crunchy Balls. Bring your own bowl. 

Thanks to all RECorders for inspiration. Please check RESOURCES, I used many items. If your work isn't linked as a resource, but you noticed your stuff, PLS give me a roar and I'll ammend...

No, wait.

Inlcuded is the wonderful artwork of Yvonne Keesman (Bong)➔ ponytailsandcapris (Sweeties and Vased Daisies) ➔ CaptClare (Skyline outside)➔ Artful (The ladie(s) on the wall), Sierra T. Romeo (Pot(ted) plant)➔ rejjie (Leafy Wallpaper)➔ anybarra83 (Flower Rug) ➔ lovetherobot (Window Shades).

Work is based on Loddi's great layout for the city apartment set.

For Multilayered HI RES PSD ➔ GO HERE!

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