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Some Other Writers.
AuditionMD Released ago

You scream when you sleep.

I wish I could walk into your dreams.

Simply slay that foul beast

Who haunts you through your nightly rest

And daunts your heart within your chest.

Ungodly whispers in your ears

Every echo of your fears.

Dawn breaks and I do wake

Catch my breath and face the day.

All the time my fears I fight

Until the day doth turn to night.

by AuditionMD ago

Queen of Diamonds rolls, clearly disheartened.



King of Hearts stands up greedily, chastising the whispers of his mind.

Fists clenched ever so gently, destroying the world in his grip.

His breath of wind, breath of destruction, breath of creation.

Seeps the butterflies will into his own.

Effects of forever fall on frozen skies.

The world is dead in forever's eyes.

Sweetness seeps in, seeks in seasons, Sees in reason.

My world died when you still crawled.

But I brought it back, because I could not bear to see the sky...

by AuditionMD ago

The train is coming. You have your bags packed, it's almost the point of no return. What are you gonna do? For years this is all you wanted. Now that it's right there in front of you, you're starting to get cold feet. Don't panic.

Just breathe.

Time slows down, more and more. Keep breathing. Slower and slower. Inhale, exhale. Time has frozen. Keep this state and work through your thoughts. Do you get on that train that will take you away from here? Or do you go home, unpack and sleep on your own bed?

On one hand, there is a new and...

by AuditionMD ago

1 Open. Close, eyes burn.They wont even see me coming.Adjust and sit up. Inhale, exhale.Deadly Deviations.Day in day out. Over and over.Reality is dreaming forever.

Gone finally free from my prison. Exit into another. The whole word is a prison. And I am its guard. Then again I am still simply a prisoner. Even the warden is trapped. I'm no rat in a cage.Spinning round and round. Running for cheese. Trapped in a maze.I will be free. Almighty and eternal.But what does it matter? Next to me awakens with a yawn....
by AuditionMD ago