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Stuff I recorded for various themes. 


versatile Krrr track + random lines from fractaldust+ my imagination = What it 'tis


(I totally agree with the comment by chariot13 on fractaldust's piece "This might be weird, but this is kind of how I feel about hitRECord. Like I want to just play and create with you all and forget about reality. :)"




It feels good to record again by heart.

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Love Noah's upbeat track. (if you heart this you should heart his record too)

Cyclical vocals start @ 0:34. 

I could see this as background music for a "one man's trash is another man's treasure" montage.  I left it pretty open if anyone wants to do a verse or two?

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had fun with the chorus, the verse and title coud use some work.  feel free to remix. : )

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Trying something a little differnt. Thanks for the track Dr. Duke : )


Intergalactic can I brag how I broke

This orbit

Can I open up my airlock door

Feel a bit erratic

And my words become mnemonic      

Can’t remember how I conquered the world

Planetary don’t tend to care 

Ground control

Won’t be necessary

When I’m up here


Interstellar  Spaced Out

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Had this idea for lyrics to go with mikerannoise's track ...there may be some bits missing...perhaps you could fill them in?


Made up my mind

I’ll just go out and party

Of making dimes

I’ve had enough

Drinking my wages

Going to spend it all

In one last go




Buying for myself isn’t so bad

At least at last call

I won’t be so sad

When I borrow

For a ride home

Lost wages Lost time


Bottom of the glass

I haven’t seen in quite some time   )

Rocket fuel sure don’t taste like wine

Bet I’ll pay for this Monday



Spending my last was easy

To bad it didn’t come quickly

Empty pockets still

Weigh me down


Lost wages Lost time

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***warning may have mixed this a bit loud***

I should leave it for the real lyricists but I couldn't let a beat like this go to "waste".


Ring on my picky yo

Fish nets are my favorite hose

Where the car at

There it go

We're hauling all your rubbish home


Trashy and you like

Trashy and you wantin this

Raunchy and you like it

You watchin cause you wanting this 


Sofa, tv, aerosols

I don't care I got them all

I need this stuff I neet to take

I can't let this junk just go to waste

My momma said

Please save them grace

It's the reason I'm in this place

Like mammograms and medicine

I'm haulin tins to save the race


Garbage Garbage

Gonna save it


Trashy and you like

Trashy and you wantin this

Raunchy and you like it

You watchin cause you wanting this



Magazines are my favorite things

collage a spread I'll make you read

Found a chair and ugly green

I painted it Ama-zing

A thousand times get mesmerized

by things to which you say bye bye

Take a peak you know I plan

to take what's in your garbage can



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(Dear MadisenMusic, More things like this please!)



"Lonesome is hurting"

Some say


I wanna save you

Don't be behaved


Come into my room

and be saved

Eh eh eh eh eh


Step into my room

time to play

Eh eh eh eh


Lie down

in my perfume


Welcome to my room

Step into my room

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grooving to Robo_J's music.  Lyrics might make a good base for someone to create from.  (I can sorta hear a man read Metaphorest's Sorrow Bird over this.)


Songs of sorrow

Sang by sodden souls

Echo around these hollow halls

And make all warmth grow cold



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I surmised that summer is a summation of several sun central sanctities.  Under no undo duress have I undulated towards this uninhibited understanding.  Mention of moments meandering across miles of Myrtle Beach’s mystic majesties, messy sand and meat seeking mites aside, make me mirthful. Yes, merry that my mission may emanate from change in meteorological conditions.  Erroneous would be the equation if I evade earth’s elastic emollition of ether. I’m ready to restrict myself to restful relaxation reticulated ritually, rarely warily and never remorseful that it has come.



(As I write and conclude I’m so glad you chose Summer, one word not two.)

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Wide eyed Willy with whiskers gone pale

Stands taught, tight and tame as a muskrat’s tail

Once snipped and stitched with a nimble hand

Willy takes his place before hearth rug and fan  


Barren brains aren’t bothered by woes of the field

By wet winter wanderings and the spoils they yield

Not by heat, hunger or hindsight of what is or what was

Just by shadows that dance as the coals’ glow is lost


His friends stand tall on shelves high and low

They stand there for hours as the stories go

Just he sits down on hearth covered floor

Moved by the mistress, that wished it were so


“His tint has gone shabby, he’s missing an eye!”

 “He’ll be less noticed there by the fireside”

So down he was set, at the mistress’ bequest

His once grand seat made all the more less


Now dust coats his fur that once shown like rubies

And once on his paw the house cat did, yes, pee

Poor Willy still stands and does so silently

For Willy is glad that he just gets to be


His dead eye and twisted grin

Might make most men’s mind turn sick within

But heartily treasured, blanched pupil or not

Is the dust fed body of the wily Willy Fox.



(I originally wrote this as a tiny story which consisted of just the last stanza, but then a story emerged of how the fox, after years of wear and tear, transitions from top shelf to floor and what it means to be inanimate.  This could probably use a re-write and I wouldn't mind hearing a voiceover, pretty please)

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I kinda see this as a duet with the singers separated onto the left and right channels. Interested to see where this could go with an extended version of the instrumental.



Open up to the possibility of

Forbidden ones getting love

I’m not giving up

Cause I know you’re the

Only one

Good enough for me yeah yeah



I guess it comes as no surprise

That I’m willing to risk our lives

To ensure that you will be mine

So come on and take my hand

I’ll lead you to the promise land

and there is where we’ll be for all time


(Alternate Verse/Bridge)

I despise segregation of two great minds

Salivate over crossed out lines

Cause you will be mine (REPEAT)

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Drop a letter down Stairs of alabaster

Wrap some newspaper Around your heart strings

To keep the sound in


Is anybody listening?


Give yourself space In boxes set on curb side streets

Shy away from the neighbors and Oh god the strangers, can it wait


You wait


Count down days in chronicles You wince at doors

As they close There they go


These rooms are empty

But these walls won’t stop talking


Can’t escape the memories

Up there with the funniest thing is

Can’t tell that you left from here


It’s raging cold But it’s alright

Is anybody home?


Down stairs hear the radio play

In a dark room locked inside away

From the truth of how you died


Is anybody listening?


“You can’t save her”


Is anybody home?

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