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VISUAL ARTISTS: Contribute Visuals for hitRECord Around The World.

ANIMATORS: Animate these Visuals.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Contribute a Voice Over performance of these two lines:

  • Intro: "And now we bring you stories from hitRECord around the world."

  • Outro: "Thanks for tuning into this installment of hitRECord around the world."



by tori
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==An attempt at an introduction for Marie bee's album "Like Your Favorite Sweater." Please click on annotations in parentheses.==


When creating works of art, one often tries to avoid falling into the trap of over-embellishment. Perhaps it is the quality of simplistic predictability that makes patterns such a universal element in art. (1) (1b) As creatures of habit, we stick with what is tried and tested. With a cut-and-dried framework to follow, how could we go wrong?(2) This inclination to follow structure in the art we produce can be traced to our behavior as individuals.

We humans have a tendency (whether a conscious or subconscious one) of systematizing every nook and cranny of our lives. Like syllables of a poem’s lines fit together perfectly to create a rhyme pattern, our schedules structure a lifestyle. (3) What alliteration is to verse, habit is to identity.

People hate change. We find it very difficult to adapt to new principles and surroundings.(4) There’s a sense of security one finds in routine and repetition. Our bodies grow accustomed to the rituals of waking up at a certain hour each day and following a strict grooming regimen.(5) We take a specific bus or train route to work and at lunch, we often patronize eateries that are familiar to us rather than trying something new.(6)(7) We hang out with a fixed circle of friends—people with whom we share similar taste and interests.(8)(9) Throughout the week we accomplish rote household chores such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. (10)(11) When time allows, we sharpen our talents and nourish our minds.(12)

We are creatures of habit weaving a pattern that is our daily lives. This chapter undertakes to visually illustrate that pattern.

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hitRECord: somewhere between Reality and Imagination.

Illustrations vs photos.

by Mantia
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If you're not in the resource section, it's likely that you were supposed to be ;)

by skriks
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Everyone fits in somewhere,but it just takes a while to figure it out. ― Jen Leaman

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I knew when I saw threepixels beautiful remix that I had to do something with it! Anyways this is what I thought of to accompany it. Also big thanks to Anita for the typography (because I decided mine was way too sloppy)!


In the deepest dark of night

Illuminated by nothing but starlight

Is when my soul feels no fright

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EVERYONE: Contribute Ideas, Video Footage, Visuals or Test Animations for the Ready Aim Fire music video.


NOTE: Please use THIS EDIT as a reference.



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FiddlySticks upped his VO game from his original take, so I updated the original video with some new editing and more footage I've found since the first one. (A bit of sound effects via FreeSound)

Enjoy! [full text below]

We stopped counting down the seconds
Because we knew
We were only breaths away
From an infinity of breaths.

Moments away
From that first bit of smoldering
Sun that wouldn’t be pinched out
With the next Monday.

To hell with all Mondays!
Because there were only
Weekends as far as
The eye could see.

Impromptu sleepovers,
Late night bike rides,
Beer cans off bridges,
And broken curfews.

All in the name of the sun.
In the name of lightning bugs,
Gnat-bitten ankles,
And love-making locusts.

All of that rejoicing hindered
Only on time.
On breathing in and out
Those final breaths of inside air.

I wonder if I’ll ever know again
A hysterical, panting,
Wild happy
Like the last day of school.

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This is a portrait of myself. One shot cut in two halves, halves switched sides. Make-up was only applied to the right half of my face. I hope you enjoy this attempt at more conceptual photography!


This is meant to say: the typical girl or woman has two faces nowadays. One with and one without makeup.

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[The Regularity series]



by IrmaVep
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if you put a green image on your browser, and pretend to be surfing the web, it might be fun to have some phony websites to be lookin' at.  Just another opportunity to REmix and be creative about it. :)

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