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Raw footage that I RECorded on the early morning of November 15th, 2011, when the NYPD broke up Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC.

by AYA2011
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REBECCA, 20s, home from work, gets out of her car and walks to her door.  We like her.


REBECCA is about to head inside, but she notices an ENVELOPE leaned up against her door. The envelope is UNADDRESSED, but it's ornately decorated with cute romantic DRAWINGS.

She LOOKS AROUND.  Who put this here?  Mildly charmed, she unlocks her door and steps inside.


Rebecca OPENS THE LETTER and begins to read.

A sweet MALE VOICE reads the letter in voice-over, accompanied by romantic MUSIC.  Throughout the voice-over, we also INTERCUT to cute romantic ANIMATIONS of the drawings on the envelope.

MALE VOICE: My love, it was so great to see you yesterday.  Your smile lights up the spring.  Your eyes show me a future of happiness.  Your body makes me wish I was your clothes, so I could be wrapped around you all day.  Until next time, my thoughts will be only of you.

The voice-over sequence ends gently.

REBECCA is sheepishly amused.

She pulls out a pen and a pad of Post-Its from her purse.  She sticks a Post-It on the envelope and writes: "SORRY, WRONG APARTMENT".  Heads outside again...


She places the ENVELOPE with POST-IT back where she found it.  Then decides to move it a bit, so it's not right up against her door.

From inside, her PHONE RINGS.  She goes back inside.


She checks who's calling.  Then answers the phone.

REBECCA: Hi mom.

MOM: What's wrong?

REBECCA: Nothing.  What do you mean?

MOM: You sound upset.

REBECCA: No I don't.  

MOM (not believing her): Alright.

Rebecca SIGHS.

MOM: What?

REBECCA: Nothing.  How was your day?

MOM: Oh, you know, same old.  How was your day?  You're the one with the exciting new life.


MOM: What?  You are.

Rebecca SHAKES HER HEAD and SMILES to herself.  Then...

REBECCA: My day was great.

MOM: Did you meet anybody new?

REBECCA: Yeah actually, I met this awesome guy and I think he's gonna ask me to marry him.

MOM: What?  Oh.  Ha ha.

REBECCA: Well who do you think I'm gonna meet?  I hang out with nine-year-olds all day.

MOM: I don't know, aren't there other teachers?

REBECCA: I've met the other teachers.

MOM: All of them?


MOM: Every single one?

REBECCA: I don't know, probably.

MOM: Well--

REBECCA: Mom, don't you think I would tell you if I met someone?

MOM: You never tell me anything.

REBECCA: That's not true.

MOM: That is true.

REBECCA: Whatever.

MOM: Okay.



MOM: Nothing.


REBECCA, home from work another day, gets out of her car and walks to her door.


REBECCA notices earlier this time.  A BROWN PAPER BAG in front of her door.  Written on the bag in big bold marker, the words: "DON'T TELL".  Also, similarly to the envelope, the bag is ornately decorated with cute romantic DRAWINGS.

Now she's SCARED.  Scary MUSIC kicks in.  She moves to pick up the bag.

INTERCUT with ANIMATIONS of the drawings on the bag, but they're not cute anymore, now they're genuinely frightening.

INTERCUT with various brief moments shot from a STALKER'S POV of Rebecca alone in her apartment: eating, talking on the phone, in her pajamas, etc.

We hear SNIPPETS of the same sweet MALE VOICE reading the same LOVE LETTER from the previous scene.

She opens the bag and pulls out a BLUE DILDO.

The INTERCUTTING grows faster and more intense as she looks at the thing, upset.

She puts the DILDO back in the BAG.  And as she does so, The INTERCUTTING, MUSIC and VOICE-OVER all abruptly stop.

She LOOKS AROUND to make sure nobody saw.  Fumbles for her keys, and goes inside.



STARTLINGLY, Rebecca's phone RINGS.


Rebecca is STARTLED by the sound, but immediately relieved it's just the phone.

Time has passed since last we saw her.  She's been living with a stalker, and it's wearing on her.  The blinds on all the windows are closed.

She checks her phone as it rings.  Doesn't want to answer.  But then she PUTS ON A BRAVE FACE, and picks up.

REBECCA: Hi mom.

MOM: Are you okay?

REBECCA: Yeah I'm fine, what do you mean?

MOM: Well I've been calling--

REBECCA: Yeah sorry, I couldn't pick up before.  How's everything with you?  How's dad?

There's a NOISE from somewhere, probably outside.  Rebecca is STARTLED again, and this time remains scared.  But she maintains her casual conversational tone of voice.

MOM: He's fine.


MOM: Yeah, he seemed a little upset when he got home, but now he's watching his Blitzer.

Tense, Rebecca peers out the room's various WINDOWS, peeking around the closed blinds.  She doesn't see anything.

MOM: How was work today?

REBECCA: It was good.

MOM: Yeah?

REBECCA: Yeah, really good.

MOM: And how's the place, good?


MOM: Do you need anything?  I'm going to Target tomorrow.

REBECCA: No, I'm alright.

MOM: What are you doing?

REBECCA: What do you mean?

MOM: I don't know, it sounds like you're in the middle of something, or...

REBECCA: Nope.  Just talking to you, mom.

MOM: Alright.


REBECCA: Well, I guess I'll talk to you later.

MOM: What, you have to go?

REBECCA: Yeah, I wake up early now, remember?

MOM: Alright.  Talk to you soon.

REBECCA: Okay.  Mom?

MOM: Yeah?

REBECCA: Oh, I just, no I just remembered, never mind.

MOM: What?

REBECCA: No, nothing.

MOM: You sure you don't need anything?

REBECCA: Yeah.  I'm okay.

MOM: Okay, call me if you need something.

REBECCA: Alright bye mom.

MOM: Bye bye.

Rebecca HANGS UP.  Still disturbed by the noise from before, but what can she do?

She heads into her BEDROOM.


Rebecca, home from work, is TENSE today as she gets out of her car and walks to her door.


She half-expects to find something terrible at her door.  But there isn't anything.

She looks around, nervous.  Then quickly goes inside.


She ENTERS, puts down her things, still nervous.

She checks all around the place, making sure nobody's there.

She peers out all the WINDOWS, peeking around the closed blinds.

She goes into her BEDROOM.  Looks all around.

Checks in the CLOSET.  Nothing.

She's beginning to calm down as she heads back out into the living room.

And there's THE STALKER!  His presence horribly STARTLING.

Rebecca SCREAMS.




MOM: Coming!


MOM opens the door for REBECCA.

MOM: Hi!


They embrace hello.

MOM: What's the matter?

REBECCA: Nothing.

She FEIGNS A LAUGH, but it's unconvincing.


She hesitates.

MOM: What?

REBECCA: No, I just said hi, nothing's... nothing.

MOM: Alright.  You sure?


MOM: Okay, fine.  You want something?


MOM: Water?  That's all?

They head into...


A GLASS OF WATER set on the table in front of REBECCA.  MOM sits down too.

MOM: So, how's work going?

REBECCA: I love it.  I actually never like leaving at the end of the day.

MOM: Well, you go home and you're alone.

REBECCA: You know, I hadn't thought of that, thanks for pointing that out.

MOM: Well--

REBECCA: What have you been getting up to, mom?

MOM: Oh you know, same old.  How's the place, still good?

BEAT as Rebecca hesitates again.

REBECCA: It's great, it's really starting to feel homey.

MOM: Did you try the thing for the towels?

REBECCA: Yeah...

She's having trouble hiding her horrible anxiety.

REBECCA: It didn't work though.

MOM: Well don't worry too much, it's terry cloth.

REBECCA: No, I don't care about the fucking towels...

She's become quite emotional.  MOM is earnestly concerned for the first time.

MOM: Baby, what's wrong?

Rebecca tries to speak, but she can't.

REBECCA: I... I don't know.

MOM: It's okay, you can tell me.

REBECCA: No I can't!

MOM: Yes you can.

REBECCA: No, because if I tell you, you're gonna freak out, and nothing's gonna get better, it's just gonna get worse, and you're gonna try to tell me to come home, and I'm not doing that, I'm not--

MOM: Okay, okay, shh, shh, shhh...

MOM moves to her daughter and EMBRACES her, comforting her.  A long genuine moment of comfort.  Rebecca takes a DEEP BREATH.

REBECCA: There's a man stalking me.

MOM: What!?

REBECCA: Mom!  Don't get mad, just listen please--

MOM: What do you mean there's a man--

REBECCA: Mom, please!

MOM: Okay, okay.  Just tell me, what happened?

Rebecca takes another BREATH.  Then, as she speaks, she reaches into her PURSE and pulls out a PLASTIC GROCERY BAG from which she takes out a few ENVELOPES, each ornately decorated with cute romantic drawings.

REBECCA: He started leaving me love letters.  At first I didn't even know they were for me.  I thought they were for somebody else.  They weren't addressed to anybody--

MOM has found the BROWN BAG and pulled out the BLUE DILDO.

MOM: What is this?

REBECCA: He left me that too.  That's when I started to feel like--

Mom flicks a switch and the DILDO STARTS VIBRATING.

REBECCA: Okay, put that down.


REBECCA: Are you listening to--

MOM: Is that yours?

REBECCA: No!  I told you this man has been leaving things--

MOM: But why would you keep it?

REBECCA: What do you... I kept everything he left me so that I could--

BROTHER: What is that?

Rebecca's teenage BROTHER has entered the dining room.

REBECCA: It's evidence!  Okay?  It's evidence.

MOM: Becky, don't point that thing at your brother.

REBECCA: Fine!  I'm putting it away.

Perplexed and a bit disturbed, BROTHER BACKS OUT of the room.

REBECCA: See this is exactly why I didn't want to talk about this with you.  Which is fucked up, because I should've said something a long time ago.  But I knew if I did, you'd--

MOM: Wait a minute, how long has this been going on?

REBECCA: Seven weeks.

MOM: Seven... are you... this has been happening for seven weeks and you're just telling me now?

REBECCA: I'm sorry.

We hear the FRONT DOOR OPEN.

DAD: Hi!

MOM / REBECCA:  Hi!  / Hi dad!

BEAT.  Rebecca and mom look at each other.

MOM: Let's not tell your father about this.  It'll just really upset him.

REBECCA: Wait, why shouldn't--

MOM: We'll talk about this more later.

Mom GETS UP and exits to attend to DAD.

REBECCA sits alone at the dining room table.  Incredulous.  Defiant.

Then she takes the BLUE DILDO out of the bag and stands it upright in the middle of the dining room table.

She EXITS.  Camera stays with the DILDO.


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Thanks to everyone who came out to Hit RECord on Halloween last night!  Now gimme yo records.  And let's get to work cutting this shit together...

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Not really sure why I remixed this.  Just felt like remixing something and I liked all the repeated Joes here...

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Oct. 17, 2013:  Perhaps, footage can be used from this REmix for the Still Here collab.  I see that in today's request video there was a short clip from a Foot a Fare.

I just re-watched the video where Joe was recommending Foreign Sounds and he was talking about maybe adding another layer to the video but that he also liked the video bare.  Coincidentally, cchellez and I used some footage from the video Noiry Night. For the couple I wanted to feature, I used different footage.  It would be interesting to hear people's interpretation of this. 

by Kavonne
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Metaphorest wrote lyrics and sang - PASIV wrote music - I made animation with the help of hitRecord's huge library of resources - then was made extended version of video - then Joe suggested to add sound elements to correspond with the video - after that Metaphorest and PASIV worked on this Awesome new version of the song Wanderer - then it was send to me and I just added it to the video. Hope I didn't miss anything. Interesting sequence of events :) So, it is the "third edition".

by MarieIv
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amferraro and i found the darkest, sketchiest alley we could and recorded this rendition of foreign sounds. we were only attacked once.

by bsmith
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"It's called the world wide web," said the spider to the fly.

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Metaphorest's Wanderer, with piano by PASIV. Gorgeous lyrics and music. I started this video pretty long time ago.  That's why there's snow. There was snow outside my window :) Only now I've got time to finish it. Everything here is made from hitrecord records, textures, etc. The only thing I couldn't find for this video was a picture of tree,  big enough, for close ups. So I will upload PNG tree I made, if anyone will find it useful for anything else.

by MarieIv
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Inspired by a little diagram my sister showed me of "OK" when you turned it sideways.

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by Soupy
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The rhyming creation myth by wirrow and Metaphorest.  I tweaked the words just a little, and my draft of the text is resourced below.  And here I recorded a reading of it.  There's already been lots of great readings of this poem, and I hope there are more to come.  I think it might be cool to mix a grand multitude of voices together to tell this story.

The next thing that probably ought to happen is for visual artists to start drawing specific parts.  Pick a stanza you like, or even just one line and turn it into any sort of image.  Maybe pretty soon we could have a bit of a storybook slideshow going, which is usually an important step in big animation projects.

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