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The way I once was.

I was a child.

I was a naive child.

I was a sweet child

I was a happy child.

I was a shy child.

I was a funny child.

I was a smiley child.

I was a loving child.

I was a child who knew nothing.

The girl I became.

I was a mean girl.

I was a lost girl.

I was a sad girl.

I was a reserved girl.

I was a slightly happy girl.

I was a different girl.

I was a knowledgeable girl.

I was a still a child but one who knew a little more.

The woman I am now.

I am a happy woman.

I am a goofy woman.

I am a unique woman.

I am a smart woman.

I am a loud woman.

I am a loving woman.

I am a funny woman.

I am more of an understanding woman.

I will eternally have that little girl inside of me. The one who was hurt by her loved ones. The one who will always and forever be hurt by those actions of her loved ones.The one who will always be a little sad for what has happened and for what will never be. I am a woman now but will eternally have that broken hearted girl inside of me. One thing I can say as woman is I am happy and grateful for all my pain. I wouldn't be the woman I am today if I didn't experience the pain that I did when I was a child. To the broken child in me. I love you. You've made me who I am today. Thanks for being a strong child. You're the reason why I can be happy now. The reason why I can be more gracious. You're the reason why I can be myself. You're the reason I am stronger today!

Thank you.

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To the broken child in me.
An-je-lica Released ago

It is amazing what films can give us. It is amazing what it can make us forget.

I love films because when I need to runaway from everything for a couple of hours films are there for me. They are there to show me I am not alone. That the way I feel is the way others feel. That your not alone in the way you think. That your not the only person that feels the way you feel. I love the peace of mind it gives me. Films always manage to calm me down when I am mad or sad. Even when I am happy films tend to make my happiness greater. I love...

by An-je-lica ago

There will always be someone who will make you a better person. Someone who will make you feel happy. Someone who will laugh with you. Someone who will cry with you. Someone who trys to understand you. Someone who means something to you. Someone you can sit in silence with. To some people this person is their best friend. To some people it's their boyfriend or girlfriend. To some people it's their husband or wife. To some people it's their brother or sister. To some people it's their dad. To me it's my mother. The one I know that will...

by An-je-lica ago

Dear Father,

This is your daughter in case you've forgotten who I am. I want you to know that I am okay. I am happy now. I am not sad anymore. Well that's not true. Apart of me will always be sad about the relationship that we have. About how we rarely see or speak to each other. It's hard to love you after everything but I still do. I wish we could go back and things would've of happened differently. Even though it might seem like I hate you apart of me will always love you. It breaks my heart to look back at how we use to be. How I...

by An-je-lica ago

I believe we all have this notion that we have to settle in our lives. That we must settle because we will never find what we truly want. I can't live in that way. I don't think I ever could. To be quite honest if I do I will know that will be my greatest failure in life. I refuse to let this world make me into a person who settles. I want this world to make me feel free. I want to feel free to do whatever. People will look at me me as a naive kid. They will look at me as if my heads are in the clouds. Well when I look at them I will...

by An-je-lica ago

The Little Darlings

Amy: Thank you for hurting me mom. It made me stronger. I am happy without you. I learned it was never my fault for what you did to me. I feel I can say goodbye to you. One thing you gave me was my strength. Goodbye.

Lisa: Thank you Josh. You hurt me so much. You made me weak. You made me scared. When I was with you I lost myself. I lost the girl who was strong and happy. I will never forget the day that I left you! It was the day I got myself back! Thank you for giving my strength. Goodbye Josh.

Lilianna: Daniel,...

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What was his name?

Selina- His name was Andrew.


I met him through one of my friends. He was my best friend's brother. So I didn't really tell anyone. It was odd that I liked him. I mean I knew him before but it was when I was really hanging out with him that I started liking him. I mean honestly at first I thought it was just a crush but I couldn't quite get over him. He was probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. The way he acted and his attitude was something I admired. He didn't care what people thought of him. I mean...

by An-je-lica ago
I love you!Sometimes it's as simple as that.
by An-je-lica ago
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by An-je-lica ago

To Joe & to everyone else thats reads this. I don't know if everyone is familiar with Joseph Kony but he is the leader of LRA. Which is a guerrilla group that abuducts children to make them become soilders and sex slaves. This man has been doing this for years. A foundation called Invisible Children has been trying to shine a light to this probelm for years now. I hope that you all can watch this film made by Invisible Children. It's important that we all help in some way. We all come from different parts of the world but its...

by An-je-lica ago

The story of my bullshit.

So I am seriously considering being by myself for a while. I understand having friends and all that shit is "important" but is okay to just take some time off of being a social person. Truly all I want to do is tell the whole god damn world to fuck off sometimes. My logical side is telling me to relax the world could be a lot tougher. My I don't give a fuck side just wants to tell everyone to fuck off!! Except my family because those are the only relationships in my life that I can handle. Plus they usually...

This is my love letter to this wonderful site.

Dear hitRECord founders & hitRECord artist,

I've been apart of this site for over 3 years. This site has given me the courage to become more and more the artist I've always wanted to be. It brings me happiness to write freely. To be accepted by such an amazing community of artist. I love that I can come on here and see all of these great artist. For them to be sharing and collaborating with each other is mind blowing. That we all can set aside egos and become one. I truly wouldn't be...