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It's amazing how we can take tiny words

And piece them together

To make something beautiful

Tiny Words: Tiny Story
AmberTubman Released ago

As I lay down on my bed, I felt movement under my head.

I looked inside my pillowcase to find a mouse, who then said,

"You try to crush me with your head and now you need a peak?

Can't a gentlemouse have its privacy? All I'm trying to do is sleep."

I then replied with much polite,

"This isn't where you'll be sleeping tonight."

He squeaked and said, "You can't tell me what to do."

I then said, "You think you own this place, do you?"

He said, "To get here I've traveled through many doors."

And I replied, "This is my house, not yours.

If you might...

I'm on thin ice

I've slippedThe water is so coldSo deepI'm all aloneThe sharks don't even want meBut there's always the dolphinsThey're friendly enoughAt least this wayI have a chance of living
by AmberTubman ago