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"…what is it?"

"I…I don't know."

"Well...we can't just leave it here."

"I know."

"Should we tell someone about it?"

"No, I think that might cause a panic."

"Should we keep it?"

"No, what if mom found it? She would freak."

"Well, should we bury it?"

"That seems a bit…suspicious, doesn't it?"

"Well, at least no one else would find it."

"…maybe we should just leave it here. And act like we never found it."

"That would be the easy way out of this."

"Ok…it's settled then. We better go inside. Let's not mention this…ever."

"Can I tell Bobby? He loves stuff like this, one time he-"

"NO. Just, no. Bobby will tell everyone. Come on, let's go."




"Hey, Sam? I can't stop thinking about it."

"Me either."

"…should we go get it?"



Monday - the mighty master of miserable,

Murderer of merriment,

A mundane masquerade.

Maniacally making moods mount, with

Mouthy mumbles multiplying by midday

Mourning the magically...

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