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Are you hiding?
Is there something blocking you
A gesture, or a flaw
That stands as a tall gate
Hiding who you are
And keeping you.
Whats keeping you?
Is it the way you laugh,
How you smile
How you sing or dance
Or the love you find in these things
That you are ashamed to love.
Whats keeping you?
Is it a mistake you made
Maybe in childhood
During the first grade?
Or the way you made
Your sibling feel
How you complained
On how much they eat
In just one meal
And the look in their eyes
As you realize
You're the first to make them
Question themselves
Soon they're hiding themselves
Is it the gulit you feel for them
Or the stuborn ignorance you feel
For you ?
Whats keeping you?
Is it the grades
That should be no lower than they were last year
But in fear
They drop and drop
Until you can no longer hear
The simple...

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by AlimightusREX Sep 01, 2013

"What else am I supposed to give you?! You took away everything!" shouted Life.
"Maybe you shouldn't of flirted with me then." smirked Death.

by AlimightusREX May 06, 2013

"Why are your eyes closed?"
"Because  I see better that way."

she shivered 
and waited desperately. 
when she looked up, 
the swirl above 
the snow so heavenly 
then came a rabbit 
jumping, pausing 
like in a questionable glance, 

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by AlimightusREX Sep 24, 2012

So I won 1st place,

in never getting 1st place.