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"Don't leave the windows open
Remember to write your thank you cards
Try to put in some feeling.
So people do appreciate it!
Call if you need anything, I'd best be leaving.
Goodbye for now, I won't be gone long."

But how long is long?
It's a vague term with its end open
And what does time matter if we're always leaving
Who cares how we play our cards?
In the end, there's no way around it.
I hope you're okay living with this feeling.

And really, what are you feeling?
You haven't told me honestly in so long,
and I'm always wondering about it.
Things used to be better, when we pretended to be open.
How long are you going to hide your cards?
I don't want to stay but I'm afraid of leaving.

But someday everyone is leaving
for love or adventure or any sort of feeling.
We remember them if they remind us with post...

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AdamHolmes Released Oct 13, 2012