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When we see the homeless, we see are people on the streets without a place to go. But do we really know who they are?

For years I've been helping the homeless in my community. I don't just go to the rescue shelters, I actually go to the camps that they make deep in the woods. I also record their everyday life (with their permission) and get to know their stories. I've met doctors, writers, poets, buisness people and all that you can think of. It would blow your mind to find out who some of…

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I've finally finished this project!

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Beauty is all around us, but the world's s standards are what we let limit us.


Why is that?


Why is our vision of beauty dragged down by the expectations of our society? it's judgements trapping us in a crowded maze and makes a confusing mess.  And to be completely honest, societies standards change everyday, when one thing is "out", a new thing is "in". So why do we let ourselves become restricted by them?


Now imagination, there's a whole other story.


Imagination opens up our mind and lets us create. Imagination has no boundaries or restrictions to keep us from thinking and creating. Our fear of judgement forbids us to become unique individuals with wonderful ideas and concepts. So why do we let that control us?


We make "perfection" become our biggest goal. But who or what is perfect? There is nothing that you can even base it on to make it your expectation. So why do we try? We should base our ideas on how it makes us, (the artist) feel. If we feel like our work is complete and we have allowed our ideas to be pushed to their fullest extent, we should be confident enough to say this is my best and I am happy with what it says.  Be confident with your talents and the uniqueness of your creativity, because they represent you. 


Your confidence and talents will very likely inspire others to build off of you and your ideas. It is will be rewarding and exciting to know that your heart and soul inspired someone else to do the same.


So don't let others opinions and judgements (or the fear of them) bring you down.  Limits are expectations made by nobody but yourself based on the fear of not measuring up to them.
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Right in my hometown.

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 I think this picture describes my emotions the most right now. Im really wanting to move forward with my art and make a statement, but I'm too afraid to. I want to be able to make art that really moves people ( like The Family of Man (basically its HitRecord in the 1950s)) which inspired most of my work. I know that in order to get there I have to work extremely hard. But to see the progress that I have learned over the years is amazing. I hope to grow more and I'm super blessed to have found this site. Thank you guys for going along this crazy mind journey that I'm going through with me!

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