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Looking at these books always warms my heart and reminds me how honoured and previledged I feel to be a part of hitRECord. 


I really liked the part were the wolf plots in his head what he's about to do. It shows us early on how wicked and evil he truly is.

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I also had a little go at this. Again, I've added the audio for the part I think it's best for, but if someone thinks there's a better part then, that's cool too. I see this part going straight into the OWWW for the for flowers. 

ps. I've uploaded a new MP4 version for people having trouble downloading and using this clip, that you can find below in the results or copy and paste this Thanks :)

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I've had a go at animating a couple of parts for Little Red Riding Hood. I've put the audio in for the part I think it works best for, but please feel free to change that. Also if I've missed of any Resources, please say.

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This is illustration I did for someone a couple of months back. I wanted to put it on to see what people could do with it, if anyone wants to have a crack at animating it etc. :)

If I've missed off any resources people think should be in the here, let me know.

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Just something I threw together. I'm really into the designs by thefuture, so I wanted to give it a go, see what it's like. 


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The Gentleman, master of the multiverse, traveller of time and space and wearer of impeccable suits. (Oh and he's a robot).

ps. probably best to download to read. Just a thought. 

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You decide. I took this photo as I visited the sea front. I thought it looked pretty darn cool. 

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"There's always time for Tea!" The Time Traveller announced with joy as he poured a cup for his 3 friends Past, Present and Future.

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I've done a first completed version. Take a look here:

I've taken a stab at doing a rough animation for "On a Dream". If anyone has any suggestions or comments on where I can take this next, or if anyone wants to take this and have a go and something themselves, please do. 


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Here's my first cut of On a Dream. I've added a vocal track and some sound effects. I've extended the beginning and have also added the music from wirrow's tiny stories #2, old game baddies. I love the music and I think this track or a track like it can work nicely over this piece.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions etc or to edit it yourself into whatever you think works. Cheers.

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I've decided, I wanted to bring my love of instant, polaroid style photo's into my love for hitRECord and what better way than to do some remixing of some of the awesome photos/videos from the live shows. 

I'm going to try and do one (maybe more) of every show. 

He's DC. 

I really dug this shot. :) 

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Continuing the Polaroid style remixin'. 

One of the main reasons i'm doing it polaroid style is because if I was at the shows, this is how I'd be RECording it all :)

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