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I really loved both the 'Yes, We're Sinking' song by eaneikciv and the image it inspired by chopsticksroad so have remixed them into this little animation. <3


I was so taken by this image of Markes, I instantly wanted to animate it. Hopefully someone can find some use for it as a back drop or whatever...up to you. Thanks to Lizziemackie for a great track.

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A day like 11.11.11 seems like a good day to release this film about repetition based on Wirrow's Tiny Story 'Proposition'. <3

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This is part of an animation I'm creating for the 'On the Road' tour, maybe others can find a use for some of these shots as well <3


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I like capes!

A tiny film inspired by CaptClare's remix of Darryl Fletcher's 'Super Boy' & rajasoup's tiny story. <3


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A tiny film for 'Son of an Impossible Love' tiny story. <3

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Here's my 2 cents worth towards the 'The Man in the Herringbone Hat' collaboration. Started by animating the 'herringbone card' designed by steve rolston and then that kind of evolved into this opening title sequence. Hope you like.

Thanks to everyone for the resources, especially megan carnes for the track 'Sunday evening'.

Also thanks to Matt Conley for the link to (I never even knew it existed!), have used these public domain clips:

So what next....
I liked the idea I read the other day by Wirrow about the possiblity of this film being done in style simliar to Richard Linklaters 'A scanner darkly' - whereby someone films this story as best as possible (even if it's just with appropriate actors?) and then the footage is rotoscoped by us all, & the set & bkgrounds created by animation - hard work I know, but could look great!

The opening archive footage from these titles could be used a demo for this process if someone wants to give it go??!

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UPDATE... Hope maybe some part of this animation could come in useful for anyone creating the Fall Formal Intro Video.


This is an updated version of last years 'Fall Formal" animated intro I did.

May seem a bit of a cheat I know, but there's more to it than just a date change. There are a couple of new text bits which I hope people can take, remix and do whatever with and also this is now 29.97 frames (to keep in line with all the americans!)

....that's a whole extra 4 frames per second, value for money or what!

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Here is a first version of the film 'The Mushroom, Of Course' - there's still a few things I need do it but wanted to share it with you all.

MASSIVE THANKS for all the fantastic contributions to this project, I was amazed by the quality and quantity of the work produced for it and I hope you feel that this version justifies all your hard work. HUGE THANKS must really go to Axon Graf, Loddi, Groaww, ponytailsandcapris & lovetherobot for all their fantastic contributions to this film!

Hope you like. If I missed you in the resources please let me know <3






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Here is the Rough Cut of "First Stars I See Tonight."

Thanks to everyone for all the fantastic contributions to the collaboration. <3

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My two cents (pun intended) towards a version of 'The Money Tree'. Was going for a late 60's/70's look overall and I have composited in the backgrounds and various elements. Thanks to Ponytailsandcapris for the great psychedelic animations, Kevin Maistros for the pre-keyed file & Dr. Gory for the original edit.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvements or any other ideas about how I could improve it just let me know. Hope you like it <3


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BlackBook Photo 1 REMIX - see 'RESULTS' for layered ZIPPED PSD file

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