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new morning ritual - RECord a reading.
a great way to start the day.
+ July 14, 2010

regularJOE's REmix:

(Metaphorest said she wasn't sure about her ending. Lovely way to procrastinate on a saturday, tinkering around with her poetry :o)

And it was all a dream...

But dreaming seemed so lucid
And the waking walk so stupid
That I dredged the dreaming depths
Until there was no waking left

And sleeping I could fly...

Like a breeze borne leaf I float
Through sea of sky in body boat
Gravity grants dreamers grace
To hover happily in space

Asleep in steady solitude...

My altitude starts slacking
Prowling predators attacking
My jaded jelly legs forsake me
My cries muffled, plead I...

Wake me.
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