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I'm Leavin" (1954 Song)
I Am 1954 Released Oct 15, 2012

FEATURED BY: Krrr (AUDIO CURATOR) on 10/24/12 I've been listening to this a lot. I think this is just a wonderful setting of CaptClare's words. Once the chorus come in I'm really feeling a back-beat shuffle (à la Ryan Adams & The Cardinals), banjo, pedal/lap steel, etc.  I also think its a great addition to the Road collab. I could easily see a video put to this. I picture driving through the countryside, or something to that effect. (I Am 1954, stems please???)

Stems Here:

took CaptClare's words and made this song with them. I hope you enjoy what ive made with it :)

If anyone wants to add instruments or vocals, that would be awesome!

*This is my first song back after oral surgery.. and damn does it feel good to be back :)

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