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this was a few months in the making, and I'm very pleased to upload this as my 500th RECord :)


okay, so there's quite a lot of things going on here:

the MIDI drum kit & percussion, distorted bass keyboard, and SLICER guitar are my original contributions.

the SLICER guitar parts are bits of guitar experimenting that I picked the most appropriate bits from and looped.

the audio of Joe is taken directly from his original video RECord.
the most unique thing about this mix is that, aside from the 3 edits I made to space out his differents parts of the speech, his audio is RAW AND UNEDITED - neither Joe's speech or my drums (which were made before the concept to put them together was made) were set to match one another - quite the happy accident there.

the distorted sounds you hear throughout the mix are actually Metaphorest's voice - her different vocal parts from "Weapon" in fact - spliced, stretched, and distorted
her voice appears elsewhere in different forms throughout the mix (she's the feedback you hear at the end)

the horns were the last addition. they RECorded their parts without hearing this mix, or even knowing how they would sound in it - which makes their seamless inclusion all the more surprising.
(big thanks to Marybeth & Kat for taking the time to RECord their parts for this)

I hope you enjoy this.

Robo J

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