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So at long last our family band's excursion convenes. We hit the road in our matching top hats and vests for our long awaited, much anticipated, very unexpected Family Band gig to end all gigs. We were made aware that thus far, we have sold close to 10,000 tickets to our concert. This unexpected happenstance is due to the success of our latest single: Welcome to Family Band (808 loop remix).

Once all of us are inside of our van, we take are usual places. Most of us can’t help but smile a little because we are revisited by that old, familiar feeling that only comes when you are a part of our Family Band. Some of our family band members have traveled far and wide, and are simply bursting at the seams with grand stories to tell. Some are quiet and broken hearted and have their heads down. Some of our beloved family band members are missing- but just the same we reserve a seat for them. Once, a family band, always a family band is the motto in our group.

Just then, as if on queue, everyone starts picking up their instruments and start jamming on a sweet tune. Michael, our resident yodeler- fresh from the rodeo, starts busting out a strong & powerful Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo. He holds that one last note for so long; and just when you thought in would go on forever, his voice cracks. Another family member: our helium swallowing songstress picks up the tune from where he left off, and she takes it and runs away with it! This is pretty much how all of the weavings of our songs start. And I can tell you, by the end of this: we are all laughing, and clapping and slapping our thighs at how...

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