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summerdazed Released Oct 13, 2012

I noticed a week ago that the record number on each record's URL has reached over 980,000 and increasing in a skyrocketing pace. So, by the end of this week, it will be well over 1,000,000! Hence, I thought I'd do a collage to honour this occasion.

In the course of making this record, I have gone through thousands of amazing images, texts, videos, collabs, audios etc. While only the images are visible on this record, I have included the portraits of the writers, videographers and music makers, whose intangible arts are equally inspiring. You may not find your record on it, even though I have resourced it, mainly due to the fact that it is hiding under the big numbers =D But I assure you that it's there.

I tried to include everyone (which of course, is impossible), so if you're not resourced it just means that I haven't been able to dig that deep. However if you see your art up there but I haven't resourced it, please let me know, as I might miss out some, thought I already wrote down everything I used on these scrap papers.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS hitRECorders on reaching this important milestone!

Here's to millions more to come!

[The following are resources I can't resource. I failed to find back some of them, for some reason =/ It is possible that I have written it wrongly in my notes]

1. Float - by Layla (
2. (PORTRAIT) chinber - by chinber (
3. Heaven & It;3 - by Just Kelly 33
4. Release Title - by Madison Bryant
5. Honey - by meganmoore
6. (PORTRAIT) erikahbrown - by erikahbrown
7. Sky - by candray11
8. Smoke - by quayarue
9. Chicago - by Nano Grande

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