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The key (dialogue)
meperson Released Oct 13, 2012

“Why do you have a key on your wall?”

“Oh, that? I thought it looked nice.”


“It’s big and old and clunky but quite detailed. I like it. I guess it’s because I grew up with old things. I’d like to say I collect them, but I just have the one.”

“You mean it doesn’t go to anything?” “When was the last time a key like that open anything?”

“So it’s not a family thing?”


“You didn’t get the history behind it?”

“I got it at a flea market, not an antique dealer.” “But it’s so interesting!”

“I know; that’s why I got it.”

“No, I mean the history behind it.”

“If you say so.”

“Just think what it might have opened! Maybe an old chest, maybe a church, maybe the town hall…”

“Maybe everything with a key that size?”


“It’s an old key. It’s a skeleton key. Look at the actual key part of it. Doesn’t it look like every other old key you’ve ever seen?”

“Yes, but there must have been something to…”

“No, not really. If it looks the same, then it is the same. It’s not like there was a chip in it or something.”

“Then how did people keep their things safe?”

“By not having things. Or by having men with weapons guarding their things.”

“Surely things must have been stolen though!”

“That’s why people spent a great deal of time and effort making more sophisticated but dull keys.”

“It is lovely though.”

“What? The key?”

“Yes, you should get another.”

“I don’t imagine I’ll be able to find one quite like it.”