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“Why do you have a key on your wall?”

“Oh, that? I thought it looked nice.”


“It’s big and old and clunky but quite detailed. I like it. I guess it’s because I grew up with old things. I’d like to say I collect them, but I just have the one.”

“You mean it doesn’t go to anything?” “When was the last time a key like that open anything?”

“So it’s not a family thing?”


“You didn’t get the history behind it?”

“I got it at a flea market, not an antique dealer.” “But it’s so interesting!”

“I know; that’s why I got it.”

“No, I mean the history behind it.”

“If you say so.”

“Just think what it might have opened! Maybe an old chest, maybe a church, maybe the town hall…”

“Maybe everything with a key that size?”


“It’s an old key. It’s a skeleton key. Look at the actual key part of it. Doesn’t it...

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