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My love is the road, and the road leads me here
I am the road paved flat and stretched out tight across this universe
This city is the road knotted up and spinning and growing and boiling over and pouring into our eyes and our ears and our hurrying feet and your embracing arms and my heart
I remember you, you are the road I've never seen
All of you are the road and the crossing and the precious flickering jewel and the beating heart on fire
These lights are the road and I will trace their glowing ancestry from my parental lips
My love is here, burning for you all
Consuming this place, or at least these few feet of personal space that surround me
"Consuming" might be an overstatement
But by golly, this little spot where I stand is hot like concrete in summer
So my love is here for you
Glowing with the the soft light of 40,000 moons
And that statement I do not retract
Because this city in whose belly we sit does not allow it
The city demands my hyperbole
And it accepts the outrage that comes with it and twists it into the shape of a street lamp
Spilling cold yellow light all down the side of every passing black dress
Just look at you there, looking so nice for this night on this town
And for me this city takes out a tube of her favorite lipstick
And mops the naked streets with that elegant irresistible hue
And turns to me and bats her eyes and says to me a few warm words that I will never share with you, not like this
But if I could persuade you to look me in the eye
I would assure you that tonight this city is mine
This city and all of you that are here with me tonight
Though you're not actually "here with me", so to speak
You are the pearls strung around her delicate neck
Promising soon to spill wildly out
Into the side streets and alleyways
And then to trickle down her stockinged highways
Just beyond her reach as she reaches helplessly after you
But if at that moment you would think to turn
And glance again at that lovely shape one last time
You would see the cityscape shining
Against the dark embrace of this wonderful night
That has beckoned me here tonight.