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I finally had the time to bring the Family Band together. It had been a while since the last jam.

So what the hell is this?

Family Band is a band (formed by RichieMillennium) where instruments or musical skills are not required. Harmonies are waay overrated and too mainstream anyway, so in this band we make music out of all kinds of sounds. Like Ryan so wisely said during the jam: "All mood, no message". This is a band for everyone who are ready to go crazy and have fun. And by everyone I mean you, me, them, us, YOU!

So why won't you join us. You can make any kinds of sounds you want, just have fun with it! Or you can bring the band together like I just did and remix those sounds into a jam! I'm gonna try to make new remixes as often as I can, and I'd love to get more people to join the family. We're not big yet, but we will be a sensation, the hipster gods, and if not, we'll still always be a family.

This jam that we had was actually a fun process, CRAZY AS HELL but fun :D We got together and started playing like always, and then we found the "loops" and "808 beat" collabs, and we thought we could contribute by making Family Band -styled loops over the 808 beat. It was pretty cool. Big thanks to RegularJOE for having the time to stop by and dropping the solo. Really cool.

Check out the collaboration. I can't wait for you to join the family.

(p.s. seriously though, if you think the result is crazy, just imagine what it was like to make this :D hahah)


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