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At school today a classmate had a new dark green canvas backpack I really liked. I asked her where she bought it and I planned to go to the same store and get one for myself. I called mom after class and asked her to meet me there so she could buy it for me. I got to the store about ten minutes before her and I found the backpack, only a dark purple instead. Mom got there, we bought it, it was half the price, we celebrated it because it always happens that we find something we want and it’s half the price, and we went to the supermarket afterwards.

On our way back home I asked mom what she would’ve done if she hadn’t married. I don’t remember why I asked her this, but I did, and she laughed and told me I’m always asking her, but I keep forgetting.

If mom hadn’t married she would’ve followed her plans of moving north, finding an apartment for herself and studying something easy but profitable. She would’ve lived in La Serena, a beach, instead of Santiago, a shit hole in the goddamn mountains. She would’ve woken up every morning and go for a run, then come back and eat fruit, then go out to study and work, then come back and go for another jog at the beach. She would’ve had a little dog to keep her company and she would’ve spent every Saturday night out with her friends.

But she married and had three children and lives in Santiago and is a housewife.

Every time I ask her this I don’t remember having done so before until she’s done telling me all over again, and then I remember when I look at her and I wonder whether she’s happy with this life she chose to have. Every time she...

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