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tagooey Released Oct 08, 2012

This is one of those videos that I created by accident, which happens pretty frequently...everything just fell into place. The short film I worked with made by BaronBrandonSchwindt and the music by ppeppina made it so easy for me to cut something I am soooo incredibly happy with.  

Usually when I cut a video, I have a very basic and general idea of what I want to do with the footage/music I selected...I never know what I'm making until I finish the beginning and the ending, I fill in the middle at the end. 

I figured this song would go well with a love theme, so that's why I chose this footage really without watching the whole thing but seeing how great the DP work was as I forwarded through the video first time round. 

I realized what the story was when I was working on the ending...I realized how well the scenes of the male character watching the footage of his dead lover works so well for the loops collab...after losing someone you try so hard to remember them, you get trapped in a loop of thoughts, memories etc...and it can be very hard to break free from that loop and come back to reality.

Also the fact that the "remembering" sequences have an old filmic look (representing memories/him watching her on film) and the "present" shots at the end and in between are more sharp worked out perfectly as well. 

Even though this is regarding loops, I wanted to have a linear story and not have too much repetition, I'm big on creating a story instead of stringing clips together when I edit. 

Thank you MikeK for your input, wouldn't have been able to cut this without you :o)

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