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I whisper, "Why are you dying?"

She doesn't reply.

I lay on my back.

Tears slowly roll from the corner of my eyes.

There is a small computer in the room and the doctor spends most of her time looking at it.

They have the HCG numbers from yesterday.

They are lower.

They will be lower tomorrow.

There is pain in every single pore.

It feels impossible to breathe.

I whisper, "Why are you dying?"

She does not reply.

It started 27 months ago.

"We're going to start trying to have a baby."

"You guys are gonna be the best parents!"

Month 1: I am in a bathroom at my aunt's house. I see the blood. 

It's ok, I'll try again next month.

"Wouldn't it be crazy if we got pregnant on just the second try?"

"It would. I can't wait to share this with you."

Month 2: I am in a bathroom at work. I see the blood. 

It's ok, I'll try...

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A life in months.
sumeerayounis Released Oct 05, 2012
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