patterns and prayers
wirrow Released Jul 08, 2010
i wanted this to sound church-like.. does that make sense? :/ lately i've have had this poem in my head constantly.. especially the last part. so i made this song. not very happy with vocals so if anyone wants to sing it i will upload the instrumental.

Repeating rhythms, Tracing traditions
Stealing scales and cutting chords and making history of prehistoric patterns, coming back up and out of our shells,
from our hearts, whose every beat is a prayer
There's something I love, I swear something's there.
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
a pattern, a prayer
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  • Hr_icons_226x226_user
    This harmony is amazing, I took the liberty to write this lyrics for it, I hope you like it

    Feel the heat
    in the night

    & it comes
    all around

    On the streets
    all in white

    feel the drums
    hit the ground

    all the places
    you will go

    feel the heat
    feel the rush

    our only limit is the sky
    but in my dreams
    you never die

    feel the heat
    feel the rush
    one way street
    this is us
    Jan 17, 2015
  • Hbbunny
    oops too many windows open. this is the one i meant to remark on.... oh this is so cool. i hear a choir and its pretty. and the pastor bit is crazy but thats cool, too.
    Aug 28, 2010
  • Dsc02134
    ::bangs head on desk::

    SON OF A BITCH that's an amazing harmony.
    Jan 07, 2011
  • Dsc00867
    wirrow your music is indescribable <3
    Jan 09, 2011
    by h.s.
  • 398701_3161413672617_1183570614_3499326_1022730150_n
    Went back & read the poem, and I like your selection of it, almost a new, simpler poem. (It reminds me of settings of the Requiem Mass - most composers select portions of the text rather than feeling the need to set it all. Fauré in particular wanted to compose a peaceful, restful Requiem full of assurance, and he selected text accordingly.) You've boiled the poem down to its beautiful essence & set it to music quite brilliantly. I love the contrast between the sedate, almost chant-like music breathing its (patterns &) prayer(s), and the "preacher" voice set within that broader stillness, the way everything we say about God/the divine/ultimacy is itself set within, encompassed by, transcended by, and made contingent on the greater Reality we can only point to.
    In other words, your song is amazing! :D
    Oct 01, 2010
  • Only_amy-1390428
    Hey Wirrow... can you upload the instrumental/back-up vocal of this? I think the vocals are lovely, but I'll give them a try.
    Oct 02, 2010
  • Hat
    Just an idea, That I probably wont be able to pull off myself, but if anyone has access to a chamber choir it would sound really nice with the music.
    Oct 03, 2010
  • Todd
    I just wanted to say this is a beautiful song Wirrow! It is so to the point about the essence of the sermon, and I think Joe is as wrong about this needing a different reading as you are about your vocals. I love this!
    Oct 10, 2010
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