RE: Loops
hitRECord Released Oct 03, 2012

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Let's make art together regarding the theme of LOOPS

This theme of Loops could be interpreted in so many different ways.

It could center around the loops we find ourselves in within our daily lives; perhaps situations we continuously get ourselves in, but cannot break. It could also pertain to cycles or patterns, either in your own life, within your family, in nature, or in history.

These are all things to consider as we take this theme of Loops & create art together here on hitRECord!


You can contribute your RE: LOOPS records to the collaboration here:


Here's how you can contribute to this collaboration:

EVERYONE: RECord yourself talking about your thoughts or ideas regarding loops.

VIDEO EDITORS: Take audio/visual contributions from the hitRECord community and begin putting them together into Short Films.

WRITERS: Write a story or an essay.

ANIMATORS: Put some images into motion.

ILLUSTRATORS & DESIGNERS: Draw a picture or remix images from hitRECord into graphic representations of loops.

MUSICIANS: Make a song or create an audio loop.

CURATORS: Compile an Album of the contributions you think are worth checking out.


We just announced our Mini-Tour of Live Shows over at so everything we're working on here at hitRECord has the potential to screen at one of our shows, or be included in one of our works of publishing, on a DVD, or maybe on a vinyl record we all make together.

As always, all of the profits of our money-making productions get split with the contributing artists 50/50 on hitRECord.

And, as you may or may not know, we recently announced that Sony has formed a very special partnership with hitRECord and is supporting our community for the rest of the year. They are going to help us get equipment for our upcoming tour, distribute some of our videos far and wide over the Internet, and they'll be helping us pay our contributing artists far more than we've ever been able to before!


Thanks Again!




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