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The Nightmare
gyllenmaya Released Oct 01, 2012

Razmaghul (Raz-ma-gool) - It has been increasingly disturbing to know that while this place is innocent and fun, there's something malevolent lurking by its far reaches condemning the human mind. Alas, with thorough research conducted, it appears that the Razmaghul could be one of the culprits.

Apparently, this creature that bore similar form to a cat plagues the human mind with an unknown force that causes a form of addiction and deprives them of their sleep. The Razmaghul is sometimes referred to as the Nightmare or the Sleep Eater where they feed off human's attention preventing them from entering the world of dreams.

It seems that there have been reports that some HitRECorders might have potentially been haunted by the Razmaghul. If one suspects of such encounter, it's time one pulls the plug and go to bed...

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