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Sunday (Tiny Song)
spaceship Released Sep 30, 2012

FEATURED BY: ppeppina (audio curator) DATE: 2.10.2012 COMMENT: I've listened to this on a replay for hours today, so so beautiful. Sunday's mood is all over it! It's a great contribution to the Days & Ends collab, and also a great example of how tiny tunes can also be based on longer texts! I love how small and sensitive this lovely song is... I can hear a lonely cello playing along to it! absolutely beautiful <3


Sarah's Sunday poem is oh so nice. So much so that I wrote this tiny song using the first few lines of it. The melody and chords came in an instant. I like those kinds of moments.



You are the little apocalypse

In every week

The small death

Set to the scent

Of roast dinner

You are the worst day

You are the worst day

The worst day

For worriers

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