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If I could swim out into that water and reach my hand into the dark blue To keep you from drowning out there own your own I would. gladly wade into the coming storm with you But in the meantime I'll sit outside and drink alone Lighting another cigarette to keep the wind from getting cold As you sink down into your dreams. and the night gets old - We'll Open every grave in the cemetary trying to find your smile And find nothing but the bones of people who loved others At the end of everything. all we can do is stand for awhile Breathing the same old air in the same darkness as our brothers You'll act the part for a time until your eyes start to shut All the while I'm crying the whiskey out of my gut - I will see you in my dreams of the sea and everything will be sound But before I wake I will see the dark ridge rising in the sky When I look back to see where you are, nothing is found I can only leave you with memories once we're through. the goodbye And I hope that you'll think of me when you feel nothing is right While I am out in that clearing, digging up caskets. in the night - You can open your mouth and say the right things if you try But in the morning it will be just as horrible if not worse It's all a matter of where that empty light will lie The love I feel for you is starting to look like a curse This is just a taste of the misery I can feel in my chest all the things in life that will never let me rest. - I will see you again one day.  and I will find the courage to say it But for now I'll have to keep my mouth shut for awhile I can recall the thought of you breathing in a room, brightly lit And you'll show faith to bad men with just your smile. This was a company of thieves that stole away from the sunrise And kept the blinds shut while the room filled up with lies - I have no regrets, except that I can't tell you what I want to But just know the sound of my love waits in my throat for you

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