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xanlee Released Sep 27, 2012

We packed our belongings in burlap sacks,

We marched onward with no sense of direction,

Your deep brown eyes pierced through my skin,

You built a home inside me like an infection,

And you burned me in my feverish youth,

You made a permanent impression on me,

But now we keep warm by the fire in my bones,

And your contagion is my reverie,

Remember that time on the rivers bend,

In the middle of a land we didn’t know?

Chilled water ran over our intertwined legs,

And you promised you’d never let me go,

A cold rushed over you in a moment,

But your fever kept its hold over me,

I wrapped all my limbs around your shaking frame,

And In my body’s cage you said you felt free,

We had no idea where we were headed,

Or of what evil might ever draw near,

But even without sense of what is to come,

The whiskey inside us left nothing to fear,

So onward we march, burlap sacks in hand,

Carrying an infection that will always last,

Wandering together in unfamiliar lands,

Outsiders with no shadows to cast.

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